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   How To Know When It's Over

Life is full of good and bad things. Your relationship at one time must be great but it can happen that at one point of time you think that hanging on is not a very good idea. Breaking up must be a tough decision but what you need to understand is if being in a relationship brings sadness and complications it's always better to move out of it. For some, the thought of losing the relationship and losing the love that you craved so much comes as a complete shock and for others, they are prepared for it and take it in their stride.

Breakup signs are often very difficult to spot, primarily because the people involved often do not want to admit that the relationship has failed. And unless something comes along and hits them in the face, telling them it's over; the natural tendency is to try to work through the problems. This happens more so when the couple have been together for a while that giving in to problems in the relationship becomes next to impossible.

The question that remains, therefore, is at what point do you really know that it's over and that you should move on?

First lets start with the glaring signs that the relationship is over:

  • You catch your partner in the act of having an unforgivable affair.
  • Your partner uses physical violence against you.
  • You argue non-stop about everything. You can't agree on anything.

The above are obvious, any of the three things occurring above, especially number two, are sure signs that the relationship is coming to an end.

There are however some other signs to look out for. Sometimes it is necessary to accept the painful fact that the relationship is just not good for you to hang on.

The most common instance of this is when one partner is intentionally holding the other partner back. When two people have separate dreams and goals, friction can occur, especially if neither of them are willing to compromise. In some instances, however, jealousy leads one of the partners's to be excessively controlling of the other. In these situations, if the problems get worse day by day, it is better to leave than stay.

Other reasons to leave include:

  • You realize that you don't love your partner anymore.
  • You find yourself thinking more and more about how good single life was.
  • There is more pain in the relationship than good.
  • You are all the time depressed about the behavior of your partner.
  • You realize that your partner doesn't love you, but is with you because he/she doesn't want to hurt you.
  • You have no common interests or goals.
  • You find that you cannot stand their annoying habits, and they won't change no matter how bad you want them to change.
  • You find it impossible to be yourself around your partner.
  • You are always in bad moods and depressed.
  • Your partner cuts you down, makes you feel bad about yourself.
  • There is no independence/freedom in the relationship.
  • Your partner is always suspecting you and questions your character.



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