Ways of Making Up

Sometimes relationships go sour and for no valid reasons we often end up hurting our loved ones. Loving someone and being loved by someone is the loveliest feeling. At times we say and do things which are hurtful and end up being bitter and spoil our relationships but in the end if you really give it a thought the words said and things done are not worth losing our loved ones coz love is much more deeper and stronger. It is easy to ruin a relationship and just few words will be sufficient which when said will not even mean anything but to build a relationship and keep it going it takes lots of understanding, sacrifice, caring and consideration. So if you have had a fight with your boyfriend then try to make up and don't continue to keep hurting yourself and him. Believe me …its not worth it.

Following are a few tips that will help you make up with your lover:

  • Give your lover a pink rose which will convey that you want him to be your best friend and that the rose will be the beginning of your love story. After he has accepted it give him a red rose. This will mean that you love him and you want to be with him always. Once he has accepted this you take back the rose from him and start to pluck out all the petals and give the rose back to him saying that once you have accepted my love I want to give you my heart. This will definitely make him love you forever.

  • Say it with cards. Sometimes though you want to say I am sorry and you desperately want to get back you hesitate thinking that your lover might not respond and you will end up hurting yourself more. Well in that case you can send him a card which says how much you miss him and how much he means to you and that you are sorry. Believe me it really works. So go girl….send a card right away.

  • Send him heart shaped chocolates to his office and tell him how your heart aches for him.

  • Make a special dinner. Before he comes back home decorate the house with flowers and spray lots of aromatic perfume. Lit up candles and dress in the sexiest attire you have. Buy one if you have to. As soon as he enters play his romantic music or any romantic music, which you like and ask him for a dance. This will be enough to make your night exciting and to make everything ok between the two of you.

  • Fill his room with heart shaped balloons and write on the balloons that you are sorry and that you love him.

  • Ask your common friend to fix a date for him and show up as his date. Wear the dress you had on when he had proposed to you. Ask the restaurant to play a romantic music for you and order a special heart shaped cake, which says, "Please forgive me".

  • Show up at work with flowers. Take him out for dinner and talk things out. This is the simplest way but it is effective because it clears all the misunderstandings and bad feelings between the two of you.




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