How to make a woman fall in love with you?

There are men who have such winning personalities, such conquering charm, that they can practically seduce a "blind date" over the phone. The key to winning the heart of a woman is to show her that she is special and mean the world to you. You have to be caring, loving, sensitive, strong, charming and witty. However, this doesn't mean you can equal their charm overnight merely by reading about it. You will have to find your own ways, develop your own brand of charm, and utilizing these principles in a manner which is both polished, and convincing for you. There has to be the genuineness in your voice, the warmth in your touch and the passion in your eyes to set her heart beating for you.

Following are a few tips that will make her fall in love with you:

  • Make the woman feel that she's the most important person in the world.
  • Make her feel that you cant live without her.
  • Make her feel like she's worth a million dollars.
  • Make her feel attractive, gorgeous, wanted, and sexy.
  • Shower her with attention.
  • Keep talking to her about herself. Forget about yourself.
  • Be there for her when she needs you the most.
  • DON'T ever leave her alone! Send her cards, flowers, candy, telegrams, gifts, phone her constantly; see her as often as possible until you achieve your objectives.
  • Show her that you care, deeply, intensely, for always by the way you look at her, talk to her, pursue her, and listen to her.
  • Strive to make her feel good whenever she is in your presence, when talking with you, and when out on a date.
  • Make her dependent upon you. Make her miss you when you are not around.
  • Be her best friend upon whom she can rely on and trust.
  • Meet her family as soon as possible and treat them as if they were royalty. Get her family on your side and you will have her forever.




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