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StWhen one door of happiness closes, another opens: but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.ep One:

Allow yourself time to heal, and know that you can heal. Whether the loss is due to death, rejection, or other reason. It is normal to grieve over a loss of a love for any reason. It usually takes two to three years for a couple whose relationship has broken up to begin to put their lives back together again. It sometimes takes five years for individuals and families to get over the emotional pain and trauma. Many people can have serious health and emotional problems during this time.

BUT... Step Two:

Realize that you still can find happiness. Realize that you can control how you think, what you think about, and how much. A key is to concentrate on the positives you have in the present. Not thinking about the future or past. Step Three:

Activily work to feel better. Act happy and smile. Even if you don't feel that way, it should start to make you feel that way. Life will be better.



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