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Sept 23-Oct 23

Librans love the home and marriage. Harmony is most important aspect and without harmony you can't possibly survive. You are very faithful and truthful partner. If you're a Libra you're most likely happiest when you're in a harmonious love relationship. Libras can be very sensual and eager to explore both the spiritual and physical limits of their relationships. Find out this star sign's compatibility with the remaining eleven signs.

LIBRA & ARIES: - Polarity attraction. Shooting stars in the bedroom. Tension, however, at a mental level. It can work if you are both willing to compromise.

LIBRA & TAURUS: - Not too bad as you both value the finer things in life. The Bull's possessiveness can bring about some problems for you however if the price is right you'll put up with a little control.

LIBRA & GEMINI: - Intellectual connection. This relationship is much better left as a friendship. You both need a great deal of freedom to experience other people. If you both agree on ground rules right from day one it can last.

LIBRA & CANCER: - This is not the best match. The moody Crab is just too difficult for you to handle. You need to surround yourself with positive individuals who will create a harmonious environment.

LIBRA & LEO: - This is a good union, similar lifestyles, both hooked on sex and there will be a good mental connection too. The Lion's dazzle, and your refined nature balances out quite nicely. Together you make an extremely nice looking couple.

LIBRA & VIRGO: - No Way! The practical Virgoan will never satisfy your desires. You're better not to pursue this partner for any kind of a long term commitment.

LIBRA & LIBRA: - This is not a bad connection, but boredom can be a definite risk as you will both expect to be entertained. Your lazy nature when it comes to domestic chores will also be a problem if you can't afford to hire help.

LIBRA & SCORPIO: - The Scorpions' jealousy vexes the casual, harmonious nature that you possess. This is certainly not an alliance made in heaven and usually quite difficult for you to balance.

LIBRA & SAGITTARIUS: - This is an auspicious relationship. The Archer's charisma and thirst for adventure will hold your interest. Your good looks and cultural knowledge will entice the Archer.

LIBRA & CAPRICORN: - It's difficult for the Goat to accept your inactivity. Physically there is a powerful attraction between you, unfortunately it is seldom lasting.

LIBRA & AQUARIUS: - This is a compatible coalition; you are capable of making love in the highest form. Both of you like a stable relationship and can be truthful to one another and harmony is what both of you strive to achieve.

LIBRA & PISCES: - This is not usually lasting. The Fish is too confused and sensitive in nature that makes this connection a highly complicated combination. The end result can be devastating if you aren't careful.




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