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    When to Kiss on a Date?

So you have a date tonight. You have been dating him the fifth time now and still you are not confident that you want to kiss him. Well that's ok. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to kiss your date. Kissing is not just being romantically linked with a person. It is trusting a person and wanting to be with him. It is all a matter of connecting with that person. So if you are not comfortable with kissing him then don't.

Often it happens that you want to kiss your date but you are nervous and not confident that your date wants to kiss you. In such circumstances don't be hasty. Try to learn more about him, keep the conversation going and maintain good eye contact. Maintaining eye contact will help you read the other person's mind and just go with the flow. The thing to remember is that the kiss will come much more easily if you're on the same wavelength as your date before you attempt it. So just keep the conversation going, gaze into each other's eyes for long periods of time, and let the excitement mount between you. Plenty of eye contact will get you in tune with each other so that the kiss seems like the natural thing to do.

Five Golden Rules:

1. Never appear reserved or disoriented on a date. You will just mess     up everything.
2. Always maintain proper, truthful and sincere eye contact.
3. Be confident and open but be yourself.
4. Relax and let things take their own time.
5. And don't keep your eyes open when you are kissing.

Love and Romance >> Dating




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