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   How to tell if he likes you

You are dating this guy and you think he is cool. You want to go a step further in the relationship but you are not sure as to what he thinks about it. He gives you mix signals about where you stand in the relationship. Well here are a few tips that will help you to know as to whether he is still flirting with you in his own guy-way or he really likes you.

A lot also depends on the type of guy and his individual personality.

Shy Guys

  • He will never look at you directly. You may feel like he is watching but its hard to catch him at that.
  • He'll look at you, until you turn around, then boom, he's looking the other way.
  • He may be desperately trying to win your attention or speak with you but he doesn't have the guts to do it.
  • He may ask a friend of yours about you - he'll say it's just for "friend of mine" that wants to know about you.
  • He talks to everybody else - but when you're around he turns silent, or chokes up.
  • You seem to accidentally bump into him a lot of different places.
  • He'll give you a little smile from across the room, but if you get near, he won't look up.
  • All this shows that he likes you very much but he is too shy to approach you and tell you how he feels about you. If you are still confused then here a DEAD giveaway - when you talk to him he turns red. (Bingo - you have your man !!)

Normal Guys

  • He remembers little things you mention in casual conversation. It may take you by surprise. You might have been casually talking when he was around and two weeks later he'll say, "Well, you like strawberry milkshake"
  • His voice changes when he talks to you in a group. He may say "Hey." to everyone with you, but the "Hey." to you is a little different.
  • His voice gets softer when the two of you talk.
  • Sometimes he stares straight into your eyes.
  • His eyes get 'soft' when he looks at you.
  • He watches your lips. (Dead give away.)
  • He tells you that you smell nice.

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