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    Seven Golden Rules For Successful Dating

It is very difficult to say what will work right for a person in a dating game. Dating can be an absolutely intimidating task with so many different people with so many different interests and likes and dislikes. What works successfully for one person may spell disaster for another. However to win at a dating game what is most important is your commitment and seriousness. So go ahead and do it.

  • Rule 1
    The first rule is you must be open to communication. Just about anything you try to do will eventually end up a failure if you're not open to receiving a response from the opposite sex. Make the other person feel good and comfortable and always listen to him.
  • Rule2
    The next step is to remain in contact with friends and acquaintances. The more you stay in contact, and in the mind of your friends and acquaintances, the higher the chances of getting invited to social events where your potential future partner may be.
  • Rule3
    The third rule is being available and accessible. It will be a waste of all your effort if you do not keep yourself available. To go any further in your dating game make it sure that you are always in contact with people and you make yourself available.
  • Rule4
    The fourth step is to increase your perimeters. Do not only rely on your friends and acquaintances and social gatherings. Join any class in which you are interested or any gym and go out and make more friends. While doing so remember to follow the above-mentioned rules 'coz any attempts to win at a dating game will go in vain if you are not available and open to communications.
  • Rule5
    The fifth rule is to lead a well-planned schedule and routine in life. You must be able to devote time to your professional and personal life and so it is important to be organized.
  • Rule6
    This rule is important in every aspect of life. Hygiene and cleanliness is most important and therefore take the extra time out to clean your house and belongings as well as yourself so that you can always be ready and presentable. Who knows you just might bump into your future partner right in your house.
  • Rule7
    The last and important rule is keeping a positive attitude. Life will be great if you learn to live it with fun and proper attitude. Do not be depressed and disheartened with small failures. Remember, this is a game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Remember its part of a game. So your attitude should always be positive and just freak out and have fun.

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