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May 21-June21

Gemini's are exciting companions who crave excitement and variety. They are willing to experiment with all manner of relationship styles; and as long as their partner is articulate, tolerant, exciting, adventurous and willing to discuss their exploits in detail, they will be ecstatic. They are however afraid of long term relationship and they can easily persuade any sign to have a passionate affair with them using their keen intellect, charm and sex appeal. Find out this star sign's compatibility with the remaining eleven signs.

GEMINI & ARIES: - This is one of your best matches. You both have a high energy, a thirst for adventure and spontaneity. Passionate, sudden and compelling this union can last.

GEMINI & TAURUS: - This is not a good connection for the Bull. Your lack of routine upsets this steady sign. You find Taureans far too dull for your liking and will tend to wander early into the relationship. GEMINI & GEMINI: - You can have some real good times but you seldom stay together unless you meet in later years. There is a lack of direction that usually prevails, however you can have some wonderful times together. GEMINI & CANCER: - this union is boring and will have no passion. You are not a homebody like the Crab. You have totally different interests then a Cancer.GEMINI & LEO: - This is not a bad connection. You both complement one another. The generous Lion will bend to whatever you want as long as you let your flattering silver-tongue lead the way. GEMINI & VIRGO: - This is not the best union, the practical Virgo views you as being disorganized and frivolous. You on the other hand don't think that the Virgoan knows how to have a good time. GEMINI & LIBRA: - Magnetic union, however not long lasting. The Scales find it difficult to live in the turmoil and melodrama that you thrive on. This relationship is usually short, hot and sweet. GEMINI & SCORPIO: - Scorpio's jealous tendencies are impossible for you to handle. You flirtatious ways and little white lies will drive the Scorpion as far away as possible. GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS: - This union can work, however you both love to travel therefore you may not spend much time together. You both tend to leave your fate to luck which can make this a risky relationship. GEMINI & CAPRICORN: - Not great. The goat is too ambitious and organized for you. You have totally different priorities in love and in life.

GEMINI & AQUARIUS: - Super alliance, you are both original and like variety. This makes for a fun loving couple. This is not always a lasting union but it is certainly worth pursuing.

GEMINI & PISCES: - Insecurity usually ruins this relationship. This can be an extremely emotional union. Unique, destructive, yet passionate and lustful resulting in hurt and anxiety.




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