My First Kiss

I never knew how much a kiss could mean, never known its importance& Until I met her, until I kissed her, kissing meant something to me, yet I had not discovered how much it could mean. It was a sign of love or affection, but not an experience! To kiss her was the most erotic and loving act. To brush my lips on hers conveyed feelings that could not be expressed in words. Take a look at an ocean, see how vast it is. Look at a clear night sky and feel the enormity of space. Then take a person's love which is limitless, and have a kiss manage to transfer the existence of that feeling to the one who is loved. That is what a kiss can do! For me, kissing her was entering a different reality, it was heaven... especially if I was holding, hugging her. That is what kissing can be.

...... by    Ketan Ambani  ( Mumbai )
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