Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all "
Do you ask this question every time you stand before the mirror? What according to you is beauty? There are many definitions of beauty but beauty according to me is the ability to make people smile, it is the ability to bring joy into a persons life, it is the ability to always spread happiness and the message of love and peace around. A person who has these potentials is the most beautiful person on earth. When you look at a child, what do you say? " Oh, how cute that baby is" Why do you find all babies beautiful. That's because you see innocence and purity in the child. A baby spreads happiness into our life. It makes us relive our childhood and the child in us is born again. That is beauty. Every creation of God is beautiful. Every person is beautiful in his or her own way. It is not necessary that if one has a beautiful body or beautiful looks then that person is beautiful. To be beautiful you must possess a beautiful heart. A heart, which must be full of selfless love and compassion. A heart, which knows only to forgive. A heart, which cries at the pain and sufferings of mankind. A heart, which is kind and helpful. Thus never be depressed if you don't have a beautiful body or appearance because that will fade one day and no one will really remember such beauty but if you have a beautiful heart then you will stay in the hearts of people forever. So the mirror, which answers the question, is the people who love you, in whose life you have spread joy and happiness. It is the mirror in you who will first answer the question and this mirror never lies

...... by    Anannya Dutta  ( Mumbai )
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