Well your site is overall very nice but I did not expect some stupid Researchers Robert Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love.) views about love who seems to really give a shit. I would say they really know nothing about love and it is really silly to categorize love coz it is much more deep than that. What I mean is that ' lovers can never be friends ' is that friendship has certain limits and constraints while love is free, unbidden and has no boundaries. One can never catagorise love coz it has many forms. You can love a person forever without even letting that person know about it...that doesn't mean that there is no passion or compassion in it. Passion cannot be only attached with sexual feelings. Passion means strong emotional means loving a person intensly. Yes you can connect it with obsession but not necessarily sexual obsession. I think passion is very deeply connected with love coz when one loves anyone there can be no love if there is no passion in that relationship and that is the reason why so many relationship fails. Now about friendship I think that is the most gifted thing that God has given us. It is a pure and lovely relationship . Now friendship is the foundation of any relationship but it cannot give you that happiness and compassion that you get when you are in the arms of your lover. Now here it is not necessary that you must involve sexually or even have sexual urges what I want to say that the touch of your friend and the touch of your lover makes a hell lot of difference and there is no denying that. Love is not merely sex or physical attachment. It is such a deep bonding that when you are in love you care more about other than yourself. You become more sensitive and compassionate. You love to give and share and may be then for the first time you love really learn to know yourself through the eyes of your lover. A friend can never do that . A friend will only be there for you when you need him or when you are in trouble but the solace that you get when you are in the company of your lover is something that doesn't need explaining. Lovers can never be friends because love supersedes friendship. It is such an emotional attachment that if you are disturbed or sad just talking to the person you love makes you feel good....this you never get in friendship. Only a smile or a peck of the person you love says bye-bye to all your troubles...this you don't get in friendship. Only the words I LOVE YOU makes you confident enough to take on any thing and drives away your fear...this you don't get in friendship. We are talking about love here not sex...where do you see sex here. Why do they have to associate love with sex only.... I think they do not understand love ...I think men are not capable of understanding love at all. You people only have to categorize it into some stupid definations and lable it as EVERYTHING TO DO WITH SEX. Well let me tell you this that Love is worship. Just as you cannot live without air you cannot live without love. Thats all I have to say.

...... by    Dolla D  ( CulCutta )
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