The Ex-Files

You have broken up with your ex but somewhere in your heart you still have a soft corner for him. The mention of his name still makes your heart beat faster. You still long for one glimpse of him. You are still seeing him and you want to be friends just not ready to let go. If all this is happening with you then you are heading for a disaster. Well its ok if you are single but if you are married or in a new relationship then this is TROUBLE. You have to get over him and move on.

Let bygone be bygone

It is best for you to forget the past and be happy with your present relationship. Just remember you broke up with your ex or he broke up with you for a reason and getting back with him or trying not to forget him will not only harm you but also harm the present relationship. It was your deci8sion to move on therefore don't look back and spoil what you have.

You can never be friends with your Ex
They say that you can be friends with your ex but that never really works, so don't attempt it. It is always advisable to keep no contact at all with your ex coz it will always bring back bitter memories and also harm your present relationship. If you are still seeing your ex, meeting up with him, discussing your life, boyfriend etc with him then invariably you tend to compare your present boyfriend with your ex and if you still have feelings for your ex, then it can be very dangerous for your present relationship.

Never sleep with your Ex
Ok, it was just by chance that he bumped into you and you went out with him for dinner or coffee for old time sakes. Well keep it to that. Even if you have not forgotten him and got over him, don't do the mistake of sleeping with him. This will make you go over all the hurt and pain that you went through during break up. Never never get physical with your ex.

Don't discuss your present relationship with your Ex
Even if you are still on speaking terms with your ex, don't discuss your romance life with your ex. Sub-consciously you will be trying to make him jealous but at the same time you have to realize that this is a guy you dated and loved once. And by discussing your present relationship with him you are in a way not trying to forget your past but you are just not ready to forget anything at all. You will end up comparing your present boyfriend with your ex which is totally devastating on your present relationship.





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