You can sense that something is wrong in your relationship. You feel like there is a transparent distance building between the two of you but still you are not very sure. Well if break up is inevitable then you must accept it with pride but for that you need to be able to spot the more subtle signs. Spotting them is the key to surviving with your pride — and possibly even your relationship — intact. Here are six early clues you're about to get dumped:

Warning sign #1: Your date prefers going out with a few friends or in groups.
Has he started inviting a few friends — or a few dozen — along when you go out? He may be trying to tell you something that its time we move on. Also watch out if he's more flirtatious with other women or he scans the room instead of focusing on you. These are clear signs that you are about to be dumped.

Warning sign #2: He's gone for a complete makeover.
If suddenly you see him working out which he never used to do and also started to buy new and expensive clothes you need to understand that your guy is moving on and is no longer in love with you. Most men when are comfortable in their relationship they let themselves go but problem starts when your man starts taking better care of himself, this means that he may well be contemplating replacing you.

Warning sign #3: He's cranky and critical.
You tell a joke; he rolls his eyes. You ask what he's doing Friday; he snaps, “Why are you pressuring me?” When there's a lot of contempt and anger in the relationship and he's suddenly critical and judgmental, that's a sure-shot warning sign.

Warning sign #4: Romance is missing.
Remember zero interest in intimacy and romance spells trouble in bold letters. Because, let's face it, guys always want sex and they are never really tired of it. But if you see that there is a sharp decrease in sex then he is definitely getting it somewhere else. It can also mean that he wants to avoid any situation where he might have to express emotion or attachment to you but then the signs would be different.

Warning sign #5: Look out for these body languages.
Body language plays an important role in determining that your relationship is coming to an end. Watch for the one-shoulder hug, a sign he's "distancing" in the relationship. Patting your back while hugging you is another bad sign, because it shows he's uncomfortable. Also, check to see if he's looking up and to the left as he proclaims his devotion to you. This means he is lying.

Warning sign #6: He's hard to reach—in every sense of the word.
Do you find yourself calling him more than you used to? Wondering why it took him half a day to return your call when he used to call you back in a minute. Has he cancelled more than one date in the last month because he is very busy? To tell if he's just genuinely busy or getting ready to break free, tune in to how you feel about his lack of time and you will get the answer.

Bottom line: If you feel that any of these signs ring true, try talking to your guy. Let him know that you see where your relationship is heading and whether what you think is what he is thinking. The less judgmental your tone, the more likely he'll truly open up. By speaking up you gain some ownership of the breakup and eventually will feel less bitter ready to let go of the past and move on.



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