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   First Date Tips

So finally your dream man has asked you out on a date. Well there are a few tips that will be handy in order for you to continue the relationship and go out for the second date.

Follow the following suggestions if you want a second date.

  • First and foremost DON'T ask him if you look fat. This is not the time to ask for such questions. Now is the time when you should get to know each other and understand one another. So don't embarrass yourself and well as your date by asking such questions. And lets face it he will never tell the truth anyways.
  • DONT be nervous and hesitant. Men like a woman who is comfortable with herself and if you sit in front of him chewing your kerchief or pushing a piece of iceberg lettuce around your plate he will just think that you are self-obsessed and dull. Start a conversation and ask him about his work, hobbies etc.
  • DON'T rabble on all night about your ex-boyfriend. He wanted to know about your past affair just tell him that its over and it did not work out. Don't keep on telling him what went wrong and things or else he will think that you still want to continue with your ex-boyfriend or think that you are entering into a relationship with him to get over your past experience. So avoid doing that and pay attention to the man in front of you.
  • DON'T ask him about marriage and children on the first date itself. Lets face it men are a bit nervous of the M-word. Most men feel like they have made a commitment when they ask you out for a whole dinner instead of just a quick drink. Talking marriage, babies and responsibilities will make him nervous and that will spoil your date.
  • Last but not the least DONT have sex with him on the first date. Even if he is drop dead gorgeous (and of course he probably is otherwise why would you have gone out with him in the first place) resist, resist, resist! The old saying is 'will he still respect you in the morning?' Probably not! Besides, much like an ice-cream binge… it will probably leave you feeling somewhat ashamed and quite a lot guilty!




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