Bad Relationships: The reason behind it

Many men and women often get involved in relationships that end up in heart-breaks. They find themselves getting involved with the "wrong" kind of partner all the time. This leaves them frustrated, angry and unhappy with a negative feeling. They either stop believing in themselves or they invariably get involved with the wrong partner again. Have you thought what the reason behind it is?

The reason is very simple yet we tend to over look it. The reason why we fall into loops of getting involved in bad relationships is that we don’t look for early warning signs that signal us to get away. When we get involved in a relationship we always tend to overlook the traits and bad habits thinking that we can fix that later. Well that is where we go wrong and that leads to unhealthy relationships.

The only way to avoid repeating getting heart broken is to be able to recognize the adverse signs early on. The earlier you see the signs, the easier it is to avoid getting hurt emotionally. If you want to have a healthy relationship, you will have to learn to be attracted to a different type of person. Your conversations and meetings with the person you are attracted to should not end up in bed but try to get to know the person better. Talk talk and talk and learn more about him. Your date should have a more meaningful purpose and that your conversations should take on a purpose of screening for unwanted traits.

Well it may seem a bit difficult because when if the man you are dating is attractive then, it's easy to get lost in his voice, eyes, touch, and so on. Before you know it, the conversation meanders without a focus and you have no idea if he shares similar bad traits as your ex. Therefore don’t get carried away. You can set your goal to unveil the man's "crucial topics" (issues that broke your previous relationship(s)). For instance, if your ex was an alcoholic, keep an eye out for how much he drinks and how important alcohol is in his life. The key is to be casual and not make it sound like you're interrogating him. Keep in mind that he will have no idea what you are thinking, only that you are having light conversation.



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