Look your best during pregnancyPregnancy is the time when there are lot of changes in your body and this affects your appearance, life style, looks and skin. While for some their skin starts glowing and they look simply gorgeous however some face a lot of problems with their hair, skin and body. Read on to find out how you can look your best when you are pregnant.

Following are the body changes that you will experience during pregnancy:

Hair: Your hormones profoundly affect your hair, during and right after pregnancy. If you're one of the lucky ones, your hair will grow thicker and shinier during your pregnancy - but don't be surprised if it thins or becomes brittle, instead. Your hair and scalp will be oilier during pregnancy, and thus you're likely to have a flaky scalp even if dandruff has never been a problem for you before.
Tips to Look Good: Keep changing your hairstyle after every 2 months to look your best whether you've got more or less hair while you are pregnant. To keep your hair looking beautiful and lustrous experiment with different shampoos until you find one that is compatible with your hair's new personality and use it everyday. Frequent shampoos will keep grease and flakes at bay, and will keep your hair looking its best throughout your pregnancy.

Face: Acne will be another big concern for you during your pregnancy. No matter how bad they become, stay away from medications as they might affect the baby. Not all women have this problem and you may luck out and find that your skin clears up during pregnancy.
Tips to Look Good: Be as natural as possible. Shop for a concealer that covers blemishes while they heal. You may even want to skip the foundation and use a sheer liquid blush for a casual look. Please do not squeeze the acne coz that will leave a scar and scars last longer than they did back when you were younger.

During pregnancy the shape of your eyes change because of increased blood flow and water retention.
Tips to Look good: This is the time when you can flaunt those beautiful eyeglasses. Wearing contact lenses is out of the question so get yourself a chic new pair of fabulous eyeglasses. Then, wear them while you try out new eye-makeup looks.

Nails: Most women find that their nails grow thicker and stronger when they are expecting. Therefore this is the time when you can experiment with different shades of polish and have long nails.
Tips To Look Good: If you like keeping long nails and couldn't because of your profession then this is the time when you can enjoy long nails. Experiment with brighter or darker colours than you're used to - just remember that with dark polish, chips show up easily so be prepared to do frequent touch ups and maintenance. However if you like to wear your nails short and professional looking, be prepared to cut or file more frequently.

Clothes: Your normal clothes will not fit you and you must have been advised to buy maternity clothes. But to be frank maternity clothes are a waste of money, look ugly and can't be used later on. So the best solution is to borrow maternity clothes from your friends whose taste you admire or get a few pairs of them and do more of laundry to keep looking fresh and clean. Instead of putting money into clothes concentrate on accessories since these are the things you will be able to use after delivery and for a long time.

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