Babies cry and you have to live with it. They can't talk and crying is the only way of communicating. If they are hungry, cold, wet or just irritated they cant tell you that so they have to cry and convey that to you. It is then on you to identify their needs and difficulties and understand what is wrong. At first it can be difficult, but a large part of parenting is trial and error, and you'll soon learn to anticipate her needs and wipe away her tears. Following are a list of different reasons why your child cries and all you have to do is identify the reason.

She Must Be Hungry
Hunger is one reason why babies cry. When babies are hungry they normally show signs like- she'll fuss, make noises, and root around for your breast if you pick her up - once you recognise these signs you'll get pretty good at feeding her before she starts demanding for it. Thus first check to see if she's hungry and then feed her till she herself lets go. Sometimes a baby will continue to cry even after you start feeding her; keep going, she'll stop once her stomach is full.

Change Her Diaper
Some babies will let you know right away when they need their diaper to be changed; others don't mind since they find it warm and comfortable. So if they have dirtied their diaper they will cry and let you know that "Please Mom, change my diaper".

They Need Cuddling
Babies want to be held. They like to be cuddled by their parents, they like to be close to their parents and see their faces, listen to their heartbeats, hear their voices. Babies recognise their mothers by her smell. After being fed, burped, and changed, many babies simply want to be held close to their mothers heart. You may wonder if you'll "spoil" your child by holding her so much, but during the first few months of life there's no such thing. Infants will vary a lot in how much they want to be held. Some demand a lot of attention, while others can spend long periods of time sitting calmly by themselves. If your baby likes the attention, pick her up or keep her next to you.

She Might Be Too Cold or Hot
Newborns like to be bundled up and kept warm. So when your baby feels cold, like when you strip her naked to change her, she'll let you know that she's not happy by crying. You'll learn how to quickly change a diaper and wrap your baby back up to calm her until the crying stops. Watch out that you don't overdress her, since she's less likely to complain about being too warm than about being too cold and won't cry about it as vigorously.

She Might Be Sick
Sometimes even after you have fed her, held her, changed her diapers still she keeps on crying and you really cant think of anything else. In this case just check her temperature and see if it is normal or not. All you might find is that she is ill and needs to be taken to a doctor. The cry of a sick baby tends to be distinct from the hunger or frustration cry, and you'll soon learn when your baby doesn't feel good and is sick.

Sometimes everything is ok but still your baby keeps on crying and you are at your wits end thinking what is wrong. When everything else fails, try the tips below.

  • Play some music or turn on the TV. Babies are used to hear the sound of their mother heart beat in the womb and therefore they love to be held close. So to soothe them you can play some soft music or turn on the TV set. Just let them hear the rhythm.

  • Put them in their pram and give them some motion. Sometimes just the motion of carrying your baby around will be enough to calm her. Other times, it may help to rock her gently in a rocking chair or swing at the same rate as your heart (around 60 to 100 beats per minute).

  • Rubbing your baby's back or belly is one of the most soothing things you can do for her, especially if she's having gas pains.

  • Let her suck on something. Sometimes just sucking on a pacifier will cool down your baby.


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