Good food for good healthDrinking alcohol during pregnancy is very risky since it affects your baby's cognitive and physical development. As you drink alcohol you share it you're your unborn child which may prove to be very fatal to the developing child. The highest risk from alcohol to your developing baby is during the earliest stages of pregnancy, when baby's critical organs are forming and cells are dividing very rapidly. The more you drink during pregnancy, the greater health risks you and your baby are facing. Hence it is absolutely necessary that you stop all kinds of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause the following which is fatal to you as well to your unborn child.

  • Alcohol consumption causes vitamin and mineral deficiency in your body which is necessary for the growth of your unborn child.
  • It damage to your internal organs, including your brain, liver, and digestive system
  • It causes depression which can be very fatal to your baby's development.
  • There is an increased risk of certain types of cancer.
For baby, the effects of alcohol abuse include:
  • Miscarriage
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome, the most common cause of mental retardation in babies
  • Physical defects
  • Low birth weight
  • Hyperactivity
The best thing for you and your developing baby is not taking in even a single drop of alcohol during pregnancy. Some believe and you will find it in many books that drinking moderate amounts (a drink a day) was relatively safe. But it's only recently been discovered that children of women who drank during pregnancy--even those who had as little as one drink a day--were experiencing developmental problems throughout their childhood and even into adolescence and mothers suffered severe complications during labour and mostly had c-section.

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