25 - 27 Months babyPlease keep in mind that all children are unique. Whether your child reaches milestones early or late, she has her own developmental path to follow. The dividing lines between these months are very fuzzy. If you have any concerns or questions about your child's development, please check with her health care provider.

Your Baby Is Active
Your child is walking well now. She is very active and is jumping, running and playing all the time. Her steps are more even and she's got the hang of the smooth heel-to-toe motion adult's use. She's also getting better at jumping, throwing a ball overhand, brushing her teeth without help, and washing and drying her hands. Thus she is learning to take acre of her own requirements a

nd needs without your help. Your child can now handle small objects with ease. She can stack blocks, knock over towers, pull off her shoes, turn book pages, and hold a cup with one hand. She might even be able to balance on one foot for a second or take a big jump forward with her feet together.

Learning to make sentences
By now, your child should be able to use at least 50 single words, construct simple two-word sentences, and be able to follow a two-step command, like "Please get your shoes and bring them to Dad so he can put them on." You can probably understand what she's saying about half the time, but don't expect to make sense of everything she says until she's around 4. Young children often confuse pronouns - so you might find her avoiding them completely by saying "Ball get" or "Baby throw."

Losing weight
Your toddler will keep slimming down after her second birthday. Don't worry…this is very normal. As her head grows more slowly and her limbs and torso start to lengthen, gradually her body proportions will become more like an adult's. So don't worry that maybe you are not feeding her properly and make a fuss if she doesn't eat properly. This is the basic change that will take place.

Controlling impulses and negative behaviour
Your child is slowly developing the ability to control her actions - but at this age, she's still prone to a fair amount of pushing, shoving, yelling, and tantrums. You can't expect perfect behaviour from her all the time. Keep reminding her that talking gets better results than acting out - and make sure you praise her when she makes an effort to communicate with words. Also she might want to know certain things and will ask you lots of questions. You have to be patient with her. Helping your child understand the "why" of rules will make it easier for him to follow them. Explain that we do some things to stay safe - such as holding hands while crossing the street, and wearing shoes outside. Keep your rules reasonable, clear, and consistent, and be patient while he learns to follow them. Most kids will need a lot of gentle reminders.

Needs less sleep
Between ages 2 and 3, children need between nine and 13 hours of sleep a night. Most children also take a nap in the early afternoon, but some give up naps entirely. There's no right amount of sleep at this age. Let your child get what she needs to feel alert and rested.

Baby Growth from 1-30 months at various ages and stages
1st month

6th month 11th month 22nd-24th month
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