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Taput - Tupur Chatterjee
Name : Tapur-Tupur Chatterjee
Height : 5' 8''
Weight:55 kgs
Bust : 34.5"
Waist: 26.5"
Hips : 36"
Age: 21 years

Tapur and Tupur, the sensational twins are creating waves in the modelling world. Two years back they didn’t not exist and now their names are on everybody’s lips. Born on 24th of April, 1980, they are carbon copies of each other. Tupur is 12 minutes older than her twin, Tapur. They though look alike and even their names sound similar but basically both of then are poles apart mentally. They share a very deep bond and are always there for one another.

They have a pretty impressive portfolio and have done ads for Titan Raga watches, Lakme and Park Avenue amongst others with a cover for Femina and numerous fashion features in various magazines like Elle and Cosmopolitan. They have also been offered a couple of Bollywood movies but right now they are not interested in joining films coz modelling is their first priority.

Tapur, is a commercial artist from Sophia College while Tupur, is a genetics student from St. Xavier’s. “ We came into this profession just by chance and luck and hard work has brought us here”. Asked if looking alike was ever a problem Tapur puts in very sweetly, “ No, its our plus point. At first it did cause some trouble but we didn’t let it bother us. We had a great bonding and didn’t let outsiders create problems between us”.

Everyone must be wondering what is the meaning of their name, right? When asked amidst peals of girlish laughter, Tapur says, "Our grandparents got the names from Rabindranath Tagore poem, 'Brishti Porey Tapur-Tupur!' which means, ‘Pitter-patter falls the rain!’" We love our names as it is unique and stands out in the crowd and people find it easy to remember too.

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