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Suman Ranganathan
Name : Suman Ranganathan

Tall, lissome with a dusky complexion,wild mane and eyes that smoulder, it's all what a girl named Suman is all about. Talk about what her sex appeal is and you simply end up naming the full anatomy of a human structure. Bound to be bewitching, Suman Ranganathan sizzles on the screen

Suman was the girl who stole the show in Rishi Kapoorís `Aa Ab Laut Chaleiní inspite of Aishwarya Raiís gorgeous presence.

Suman was a popular model on ramp before she joined movies. She started off pretty well with Fareb. But today, she is still grappling with a direction for her career while new girls like Rani Mukherji and Preity Zinta have zoomed past her. She has been charged with paying more attention towards her personal life than professional life.

She says :
Werever I go, I want to be treated like an actress. Not like just another starlet trying out her luck. No one can mess around wih me. I mean business. Even while I was modelling I refused bikini and lingerie ads. I've never done anything wild or shocking. I've even fought backstage, I've refused to wear reveallng stuff at shows.

As long as my family and the man I love believe in me, all the filth that is written by the press doesn't affect me one bit. I've spent most of my childhood around boys. I was such a tomboy. I have driven mobikes. In Bangalore no one would bother about such things. But here people have sick minds.

I don't want to continue acting just for the heck of it. Most of all I don't want to end up playing mother to the actor who was once my hero. No way.

Her relationship with Rahul Roy kept her in focus for sometime, then came her liaisons with Sharad Kapoor, Ajay Jadeja, Sohail Khan, Uru Patel and now Rajiv Kapoor.

Excerpts from an interview :

Hailing from a conservative South Indian family, how come you seem devoid fo these traits?
My family is not conservative. They are aware of the rapid changes each generation goes through and would in fact, like to in fact keep up with the trends. They are open to life, but their principles, scruples and norms remain intact. They are practical people who know where to draw the line. They do not interfere and are not judgemental.

Film industry is famous for its fast lifestyle. How come they didn't oppose your decision of joining films?
They have always given me the liberty to make my own decisions. They have always supported me and encouraged me in whatever I did. My decision to join films didn't bother them, because they know I'll never let them down. People who condemn this profession must know that this industry isn't an indecent place to work in. They shouldn't look down upon it without knowing it better. Just because we party and enjoy ourselves it doesn't mean we have loose morals. We are humans too and like anyone else, possess the right to live life as we desire. I have no regard for such weird norms of society. Here, everyone will honour a pervert who prays twice a day and pretends to be a saint. The honest ones like me are treated like sinners. It's very sad !

Would you say it's difficult for a lonely girl to survive in a city like Mumbai ?
It is. Both mentally and financially. I've always been independent. I've always made my own decisions and lived according to my principles. Today, whatever I am earning and I've achieved is solely on my own merit. Fortunately I never had to struggle. Stardom, money and recognition all came on its own to me and I am thankful to God !

What's your biggest insecurity ?
Losing my peace of mind ! I don't want to become the No. 1 actress, who makes loads of money but has no mental peace. For me, success means happiness. And if I'm happy I'll consider myself a successful person !

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