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Sherie Meher Homji
Name : Sherie Meher Homji

Sherie Homji always wanted to be a model and she started modelling from the age of 14. She was so nervous for her first ramp appearance that she held Mehr's (Jesia) hand through out the show and walked. She loves to be in the world of fashion and according to her fashion is the essence of life and fashion for her is an attitude and straight lines with comfort being a priority. Her favorite designer is Shahab Durazi as she loves his clean classical lines. A few of her initial campaigns were Bausch & Lomb, Casablanca and Palmolive.

Sherie loves reading, philosophy and has an interest in UFOs, which she reveals even though "most people will think I'm a nutcase." She vanished following a shocking controversy in which an ad agency with the help of computer graphics altered her image in one of her campaigns. She raised a hue and cry and the ad was dropped but she was not happy. She only does select work with the people she trusts and knows. She suddenly reappeared, on television not as a model but an anchor on ' The Lifestyle Show ' on Zee English. Sherie is married to Nikhil and confides " marriage is hard work and is an adjustment, but it's like most things: if you want it to work, it will. You have to be willing." She unlike most models is not obsessed with her young looks and is afraid of going old in fact, is quite looking forward to it.

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