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Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar
Name : Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar
Height : 5' 8 1/2"
Hair Color : Brown Red
Date of Birth : Oct. 14, 1976

Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar is the only model who, at present, is appearing in more than 3 music videos. She has bounced back after her divorce from fellow model Sameer Soni whom she met when they were doing Cadbury's Choclate ad. She has just splashed all the magazines and TV with her face. She is everywhere. That'w why I decided to make her the model of the month. She has become one of the most sought after professional model today.

Rajlaxmi is from Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra thus making her hard core Marathi Mulgi (girl). When she was married, she was know as Rajlaxmi Soni and people thougt that she was a South Indian.

Rajlaxmi is not interested in movies as she says that she don't have falir for that. She says, "I get homesick very easily and I can't stay for extended periods of time at outdoor locations. Moreover my parents are dead against acting in movies."

Her father Manmohan Khanvilar is a builder, architect and an interior decorator. She says, "Truly, my father is my life. I'm completely carzy about him and I can't tale anyone saying anything against him. I love my mother too but I am closer to dad."

She studied at BPM High School, Khar, Mumbai. She loved to take part in every sporting activity was a complete tomboy. She did pretty well academically and participated in almost all extra curricular activities. Rajlaxmi Khanvilkar did her 11th and 12th from Mithibai College, Mumbai.

While in College, Rajlaxmi started doing fashion shows and was able to convince her father about that.Hemant Trivedi was one of the designers in one of the college shows and he told her that she ahs a chance to amke in really big in modelling.

Suddenly the word spread that a look alike of Aishwarya Rai and Namrata Shirodkar was the new face on Indian modelling scene.Her first big ad campaign was Garden Vareli.

At the age of 20 she got married and after 7 months, she got seperated also. At that time, she was just crazy about marriage. She wanted to get married from the age of 18. She says that she is not a career woman.

Rajlaxmi doesn't wear revealing clothes on ramp or for ad. Her parents are against it. Co-ordinators also adjust to this demand of her. In future, she wants to open a Skin Clinic and want to teach Art of Living.

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