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Nayonika Chatterjee
Name : Nayonika Chatterjee
Height : 5' 11''
Hair Color : Black

Nayonika Chatterjee was responsible for making dusty look famous on Indian ramp.

Nayonika is the first choice of fashion designers to diaplay their clothes and any important fashion show will not take place without her.

Now she is a leading choreographer also. Every important beauty event has to be necessarily choreographed by her only.

Noyna, as she is affectionately called, has been around for well over a decade. Everybody, just about everybodyů loves this 5 feet 11 inch unconventional beauty. This Bengali lass is a must on every single designer's ramp show. Rohit Bal, Rohit Khosla, Tarun Tahiliani, Shahab Durazi and Hemant Trevedi are just some of the names that she has worked with.

The ease with which Nayonika takes the ramp speaks of her experience. One look at her and it's undeniable. She has the Úlan to make any aspirant quiver. In her mighty shadow, they ask themselves if they can ever reach her stature. Wisely, the lady herself has stuck to what she does best and not ventured into the world of films. A sure place to get you off your pedestal and people's hearts.

Nayonika has never really ventured into doing even commercials. And one does wonder why. Maybe she has no interest in stills. But she has other interests that she nurtures. A little known fact about this talented girl is her love for pottery. Friends insist that she loves the feel of clay!

Nayonika had started a celebrity management company with Anupam Kher which didn't see too much success and now, seems to have fizzled out. Not that she cares too much. More recently, one hears that she has branched into choreography. If that be true, the fashion industry can only benefit from her experience.

On the personal front, she has had a really long-standing relationship with colleague and boyfriend, Gurmeet Singh ( who appears in Nina Gupta's Pal Chhin) though she shows no sign of marrying him. But when you are as happy and content with your career as she is, you wouldn't want to move on to the next level of joy (?) now would you? Queen of the ramp is a great title to possess.

Noyanika Chatterjee is all set for a productive stint in television and to bid adieu to her 12-year modelling career

She has joined B4U and is handling the fashion programming for the company. Which means she has to produce 15 minutes on desi fashion for Fashion TV. "I am still honouring the bookings I have taken before I joined B4U, but I am not taking up any new ramp jobs." She will be full-fledgedly into her new job.

And how does she feel the modelling industry has changed in the last 12 years?
"It has become much more professional. We used to rehearse for days before a show. Now we often start work on the day of the show." Nayanika also feels that people's attitude to the industry has changed drastically. "Earlier, modelling used to be looked down upon, but now every young girl wants to grow up and be a model."

So what advice does she have for aspiring models?

"That they should not get carried away. It is a very glamourous industry, but it is very important to remain level-headed if they are going to make a career out of modelling."

Did anyone help Nayanika out when she started?
"Anna Bredymeyer was really sweet to me. She would tell me what to do, and even took me to a skin specialist when I had a problem with my skin." Now, Nayanika too tries to help newcomers. "I tell the new girls where they are going wrong and am happy to give advice to anyone who is interested."

And who would she rate as a good model?

"Mehr Jesia. She knew how to flaunt clothes."

And does she think that India will have their own homegrown international supermodel soon?

"I hope so. But they need to start young if they want to make an impact abroad. The problem is that Indian girls are too family-oriented. We are very protected by our parents, and so we mature a lot later than girls abroad."

Enough about modelling; what are Nayanika's other interests?
Well, she is very interested in pottery and has even been to Pondicherry to learn about ceramics. "It's my ultimate dream to be a potter."

So why not take up pottery now that she has stepped away from the catwalk?
"I can do that later. There is no age limit to when you can take up pottery. But this is my time to be in the fashion industry. The B4U offer came at the right time.

And finally, wasn't there some talk of her getting married over a year ago?
"Yes. But it was delayed as my fiance fell sick. We have been seeing each other for 12 years now and we seem to be just too complacent about setting another date!"

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