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Namrata Barua
Name : Namrata Barua

Namrata has an enticing face, which is getting increasingly visible on the small screen. Ads, music videos, Namrata Barua is glamourising every thing. She is also co-hosting Style on BBC along with Rahul Bose where she has replaced Laila Rouass.

Namrata is a qualified interior designer and comes from a family of architects, both of her parents being in the profession. Her father is an Assamese and mother is a Maharashtrian.

"When I was in college, I used to participate in intercollegiate fashion shows. I won quite a few prizes then. Best face, best female, Nivea face '95 and there was no looking back. Before I could know it, I was into professional modelling. This was almost four years back. If I look back into my career, there wasn't actually any struggle to speak of. I was continuing my studies and modelling together and I even worked as an interior designer," she says with a poise which is characteristic of her profession.

Namrata Barua made it big with the Organics contract and went on from there to become one of Mumbai's busiest models. With her dusky, pensive looks which light up in one electrifying moment as the laughter comes to her eyes, Namrata is a popular Veejay and model who's got a lot going for her.

For those three years of the Organics contract, Namrata had to model for hair ads and ironically, modelling for hair actually spoilt her hair. The persistent application of the gels and hair shampoos, the bright lights and hair dryers et al did their damage and she ended up with hair that was not very special anymore.

Now Namrata has decided to stay away from hair advertising but is kept busy with a variety of other assignments.

Gabbar Mix, Cinthol Campaign, and now anchoring a very prestigious show Style, on BBC world; everything in last six months.

"Yes, earlier I was more involved in ramp shows. It is only since last one year that ad- films started happening in a big way. Ads are actually very easy money and they give you great visibility as they are aired on every possible channel. I really enjoy doing ads because of the fast pace of work and the amount of money. For ramp, you have to give at least 2 days for practice and another couple of days for dress-rehearsals," Namrata speaks of her priorities.

But Namrata is not all about modelling as she enters a relatively more serious arena, that of anchoring.

"One day, out of the blue I got a call from the UTV office for a screen test and I went for it. Half an hour after my test I was called to shoot. That is how Style happened. Nicest things have happened to me without really trying for them. First modelling then Style and now Cats. Cats is a thriller inspired from Charlie's Angels, but the script has been reworked to suit three models. This is being produced by UTV and I play a model with photogenic memory. The other two models, are being played by Madhu Sapre and Netra Raghuraman. This is a very ambitious project in which UTV is putting a lot of money and results are there to be seen."

Namrata appears to be choosy about the people she works with.

"Yes, going by the standard of television serials today, I would definitely not like to work in a set up which doesn't have any sense of script, direction, make up etc. I will act only if it is worth it. First I will ask about the director and only if he happens to be a capable guy, would I check other things. I have a liking towards advertising set-up. Sorry to sound pompous but we ad-people have more poise, class, and style. I wouldn't work for a non-classy project, simple." She declares.

Namrata has stepped into acting with Cats but is she confident about her acting prowess? The transition from model to an actress is not particularly as easy and smooth as it has been in Namrata's talks.

"I admit that modeling and acting are two separate ball games. But I am trying to learn. I am taking regular acting classes from Roshan Taneja and attending several other workshops. I am even trying to get acquainted with shooting technicalities. I am not the kind of a person who will do anything without full preparation. I am there to give a full shot to acting now."

Yes, we have another model with acting aspirations and even some assignments. Let's Hope for the Best.

The vamp in the video Gabbar Mix, Namrata Barua, is turning fairy godmother. She’s compiling a booklet to help aspiring models prepare portfolios, the people to schmooze with. All this, between shooting for the TV travel series Around the World and practising her true calling—interior-design (she’s currently working on a friend’s disco). Who ever said beauties don’t have brains?

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