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Meher Bhasin
Name : Meher Bhasin

Meher Bhasin is one of the leading International model. She has wlaked the ramps of Milan, Paris, Germany.....

She is the face of Revlon.

She is from a conservative Sikh family and started modelling without telling her parents.

To describe the super model in a single word, she is discreet. If not for modeling, she would have started with something in exporting garments or something related to the fashion field.

A saree or a sarong she carries it all:

Her presence of mind and confidence can be seen when she says if her saree comes off while walking on the ramp she would pick it up, acting as though it were not a saree but a sarong, put her hand around the waist and walk away.

Boisterous men turn her off:

She is really touched by people who are sensitive, caring and honest. Those who turn her off are the boisterous men who live on their family money and men who stink. If she were to go on a dream date it would certainly be with superman in Paris, she describes her date to be like; in the arms of superman and she is asking him to show her around from up and above. Her ideal man would be one who is honest, lovable, affectionate, and chivalrous with a lot of respect for women. When asked what she would do if she were not given notice at a party, she replies that the sun wouldn't shine and all the lights would go off and music would stop.

Inner beauty is more appealing:
Meher feels that inner beauty is more important than one's physical self. If she had not been born beautiful, she would have worked harder and made a career in whatever she would choose.

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