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Maria Goretti
Name : Maria Goretti
Height : 5' 2 "
Titles won : MTV VJ Hunt

Take a pocket size Venus with hazel eyes and a baby face, add to that a wicked smile and an interesting mind, and you get one lethal combination- Maria Goretti--- Dynamite.

A recruit from the MTV VJ Hunt, Maria loves being in the rush of things. She seems to have done it all, be it public speaking, singing, acting, a degree in economics, professional dancing, designing clothes... et al.

She says shes finally entered her field of dreams. And Maria Goretti is loving every moment of it. After all, not everyone gets selected from thousands of hopefuls to become a VJ on MTV.

It all started as one big joke, reminisces Maria. She applied for the MTV VJ hunt on a lark but when the elimination rounds began and she started moving towards the finals she became serious.

"I could virtually see VJing coming my way after every elimination round," says Maria and adds, "No, I didnt get overly confident. But I knew Id get the job because I love music, I love talking and I love dancing the three vital ingredients for VJing."

Maria likes to keep busy and says "I work best under pressure." A "Bombaite" to the core, Maria is passionate about Bombay.

When not busy designing, shooting or modeling, Maria spends her spare time gardening, watching old films and playing with her dogs "Betty boo" and "Ninja".

Remember the old wives tale which tells you that- `the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach'?? It most certainly applies to Maria's case, if you want to woo her, feed her dal, chawal, bhindi masala and papad.

"Each one to their own, there's nothing like right or wrong in this world"

Maria is a person who sticks by her principles and believes in the philosophy that "there's nothing like right or wrong- each one to their own" she says. A happy go lucky person at heart, she believes in living for today.

She tied the knot with film actor Arshad Warsi a couple of months back, is blooming in matrimonial happiness. Literally speaking! The model-turned-VJ on MTV's popular show Hipshakers, has added oodles of weight to her already voluptuous figure. What's more, the buxom belle doesn't even seem to be losing sleep over her fast disappearing curves. In fact, she looks a radiant picture of contentment and happiness these days. One can't help but wonder if the couple is already in the family way.

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