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Manpreet Brar
Name : Manpreet Kaur Brar
Height : 5' 7 "
Bust : 33
Hips : 36
Waist : 25
Date of Birth : March 2, 1973
Zodiac Sign : Pieces
Titles won : Miss India, 1994

The former Miss India, now model, has bagged a prestigious two-year contract to be "brand ambassadress" for the watch company, Omega.

This year she took a break of 8 months from modelling but she is back now. She has also straightened her hair from curly ones. Critics says she has done it to get lucrative shampoo ads.

When Manpreet stood for Miss India, she was not a classic beauty , didn't even seem to be the Miss India type , look wise . What she did have was personality, and elegance. And she won it and that too on style. She also became the first runner up in Miss Universe.


Who are your favuorite designers?

Suneet, Gudda, Shahab -- if I had to pay to buy, I'd buy some Shahab first -- Manish Arora. Internationally, Donna Karan and Dolce and Gabbana -- designers that allow a woman to exult in her femininity.

What kind of man turns you on?

Someone who's comfortable with himself. And someone who doesn't believe in the black and white image of life.

What kind of car would you like to drive?

A Porsche. And I want to get into a Forumla One car and drive it real slow to see what it's like.

What does love mean to you?
I don't think about it. When it has to happen, it will. I think we, as a society, pay it too much attention.

And money?
Well, it gives me a sense of security while it lasts. Nothing more.

You're just saying that because you're sitting pretty on the Omega contract now, aren't you?

(Laughs) No really -- it just comes and goes and I can't be bothered to chase it.

And what's your take on sex?
Again, I think it's highly overrated and much too talked about in this decade. Why can't we go ballistic about the lack of sleep in our lives instead of worrying about how to get more sex?

So size doesn't matter?
I don't think about it.

You're very spiritual, aren't you? What's God to you?

Surrender. Acceptance, not struggle.

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