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Malaika Arora
Name :Malaika Arora
Height :5' 5 "

Ever seen the Prince video ‘Dinner with Delores’ where Delores eats her way through it all? Well, that’s Malaika ‘Delores’ Arora (as her friends call her) for you. Blessed enough to be one of the favored few who can eat without needing to count every calorie, Malaika is nevertheless a fitness fanatic and enjoys her daily workouts.

Malaika has also been a school prefect; and has had training in classical and jazz ballet and bharat natyam. Her intriguing charm is perhaps the flip side to her love of mystery -- watching spooky horror films: "I believe in the supernatural."

There is nothing coy about Malaika Arora . Early on in life she was clear what she set to become. Very simply states , " I always wanted to be a model ." Lady luck has a way of touching the fervent believer and while in college some of her photographs shot by lensmen Suresh Natarajan fortuitously fell into the hands of Suma Varughese , then editor of that upmarket people ‘s glossy – Society . The magazine occasionally took time off from heavy weight celebs to promote a new face .

Her transition to the glamourous adult world came at the tender age of 17. The first cover back in April ’93 set the ball rolling for Malaika . People innudated the magazine with calls for several days enquiring about this mysterious beauty and lo’behold the cover girl even landed her first ad campaign . The somewhat notorious MR coffee campaign which attracted a lot more attention than Malaika had bargained for thanks to its sexual overtunes . The main bonus of course was in being teamed with model –now-actor Arbaz Khan , brother of Salman Khan and who has since then remained the special man in her life. They are a happy married couple now and Arbaaz is one of the lukiest persons on earth. What she says about her guy. I keep teasing him when I see him giving more attention to other women, I rib him. I rib him even about his co stars. But I know Arbaaz is not much of a flirt. He'd like to talk to women but at the same time he'd prefer an intelligent woman to a good looker. And not many heroines are intelligent enough for Arbaaz's taste.

Things changed significantly professional too , She went on to do the press campaigns for Pearl Pet , Bare Necessities , Mafatlal , Benzer and has modelled for Arena , Tanishq, Tribhuvandhas Bhimji , De Beers apart from the regularly being asked to model for Jewellery shows.

Strangely , fashion fashion shows have never come in as smoothly for Malaika as the ads , despite her unarguably sulty presence on stage . "I never let it pull me down but it was something that bothered me – not being asked to do shows .Though I never let it embitter me, there was a time when I would get upset when some of the leading chorographers refused to take me on their shows because they all wanted me to model . Now when the same people who refused to work with me earlier insist I work with them , I just smile to myself . "

What works in Malaika’s favour is that in a field of temperamental divas and petulant clotheshorses she is a thorough professional .. I make it the point to be on time no matter how early in the may be or never throw tantrums .But sometimes people don’t recipocate my professionalism and they really bugs me. One of the downsides of this trade are people who don’t pay on time . "Nothing gets to me more than having to run around for my payments. "

" I love being in front of the camera " , she pouts. It’s a too way love affair as a camera loves her too. No wonder , some designer regard her as their news and Malaika has done some breath taking shoots and designers Wendell Rodericks and Shahab Durazi : photographers like Farookh Shothia , Atul Kasbekar andRafique Shayed.

On the ramp it is apparent that Malaika is oblivious everything but the feel of clothes drapping her body . " I just go up there and have a ball . There have been times when I have cut myself and blad , even twisted my ankle and down the show without realizing it . Only later I realised it was sollen . Once at the leather show , a little bra top I was modelling shifted and I ended up showing a lot of cleveage but I never even realized it . One thing modelling has done is that it has made me loose all my anhibitions and I no longer get unduly affected by these mishaps .

" Meanwhile the tube beckons and she has been throught the madatery MTV hostess stage. She presented Club MTV, a programme where young guys 'n gals dance to the numbers played by Malaika and her co-host. With Malaika's natural instinct to mix with the participants in full play, this programme has become a hit with the viewers. In fact, this programme is the Indian version of MTV's popular programme 'The Grind' in which scantily-clad members from the public dance to the tune of popular numbers, mostly on beaches. At present, she is hosting a popular on line program "Loveline" on MTV.

A big hit on the small screen has been Malaika dancing with Jas Arora in the video of song Gori Nalon Ishq Mitha. When choreographer Farah Khan saw the music video of 'Gud naal ishq mitha', she liked Malaika and told Mani Ratnam about her, which brought her the" Chhaiya Chhaiya' song. But film does not backon and she certainly does not see herself in show bizz in the future."But I definitely will be doing certain business , preferably running a restaurant". Malaika is not very serious about a career in films. She doesn't want do the typical Mumbai Masala movies. She does want to do off-beat films, though, if she gets an opportunity.

"I colour my hair with a different colour every six months. in a different colour. The kind of profession I'm in requires for some change and besides I think it goes with me." She says,"Colour makes me feel rejuvenated, ready to take on the world with a confidence because it makes me feel good about myself. And there is nothing like more compliments."

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