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Lara Dutta
Name : Lara Dutta
Bust : 35
Waist : 25
Hips : 37
Height : 5' 8"
Date of Birth : 1978
Titles won : Gladrags Supermodel Contest 1995, Miss India 2000, Miss Universe 2000

So India has another Miss Universe. Miss India 2000 (or Miss India Millenium) is Lara Dutta. This face is very familiar to Indian TV adudience as she won over Indians as the mysterious women in latest Siyaram Suiting ad.

"Ignorance may be bliss, but would you like your children to be ignorant?'' said Lara in response to the tie-breaker question which clinched her the title: 'If ignorance is bliss, why do we seek knowledge?' The 5' 8'' Femina Miss India Universe was also judged Miss Photogenic at the preliminary round in Hyderabad on January 8.

Excerpts from an interview

Why are you called by this name?
I was named after the theme song from Dr. Zhivago (Lara's theme. )

Academic Achievements (previous) (present)
I will graduate in the year 1997-2001. (B.A. Economics)

Other pursuits (including professional if any)
I'm a professional model and I do a little bit of drama.

Future plans
I would like to study further. Probably do IMD in Switzerland and study Media Marketing. Join CNN or BBC. Or market for Couture house.

Any outstanding achievements (in academic or professional pursuits) so far

I won the ambassadress trophy in School and also won the best student in English.

Happiest moment of your life, why ?
I love my family and was extremely happy when my Dad's by-pass surgery was a success and he was able to come home to us.

List three of the most unusual things about yourself or unusual things you have done

I have tried my hand at rock climbing.
I have done some paragliding
I've also done bungee jumping.

Your strongest personality trait

My level headedness.

Your weakest personality trait

Sometimes I'm a little naive

List your favourites

Food / Dish Italian/pasta
Book / Author Thorn Birds/Colleen Mc Collough
Magazine Femina and National Geographic
Movie Gone with the wind/Ghost
Movie Star Jodie Foster
Song / Music Video Unchained Melody

Anything else you would like to add about yourself
I love travelling and have done so extensively.

Modelling (if any)
Ramp/Runway/Shows (Name of choreographer/designer/any other)

Sangeeta Chopra, Lubna Adams, Asha & Vidhun, Aparna & Tanya, Rashmi Virmani, Achala. J.J.Vallaya, Rina Dhaka, Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahilani.

Press Advertising (name of client/product)

Synergy/ Lab Garnier. Walls / Walls Icecream. Siyarams / Siyarams suiting.

TV Advertising (name of client/product)

Synergy / Lab Garnier. Siyarams / Siyarams suiting. Coke / Coke Sprite / Coke Ceat / Ceat tyres Hero Honda / Hero Honda Ltd.

Catalogue (Name of designer/commercial outlet/ any other and photographer
Wendell Rodricks / Farookh Chhotia. Aakansha

Editorial (Name of magazine/newspaper in which features and other fashion shoots were published).

Magazine - Femina / Rafique Syed. Femina Fashion / Atul Kasbekar / Elle / Farookh Chhotia / Gladrags / Chien Win Lee / New Woman / Daboo Ratnani.

Music Video (Name song, filmmaker, artist)

Har Pal- Ravi Bhel- Ken Ghosh

Turn Ons

Charm, Chivalry, Music & Candle light.

Turn Offs

Body odour, loud voices & bitter gourd.

On what occasions do you lie?

When the truth doesn't make things Better.

On a blind date you'd go out with
If Mel Gibson was blind enough to go out with me! What do I have to lose.

Favourite night activity

Finally finding the time to curl up in bed with my book or lying on my terrace & gazing at the stars.

Terrified of

Cockroaches & lizards.

Recurring dream

I keep climbing a long winding staircase and there's no end to it.


Vegetable - Cucumber because its crisp & cool
Fruit - Peach
Animal - Tigress.

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