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Joey Matthew
Name : Joey Matthew
Height : 177 cm
Weight:58.0 kg
Bust : 34.5
Waist : 25.0
Hips : 34.0
Hair : Black
Eyes : Black
Zodiac: Pisces

This lawyer-turned-model, sure, does know her mind. Four years into modelling and Joey Matthew is now looking at alternate cinema. "I want to be a STAR". But why are models increasingly turning to films, one asks. "Why not?" she retorts. "Letīs face it. Who doesnīt want to be a star? And we are privileged for we have access to the big names in the film industry as we all interact with each other at some level. And when an offer comes, we want to give a try. Why not?"

Why not, indeed. Making a beginning, this Piscean took to the stage in a Sunit Tandonīs play īTo Teach His Ownī - A comedy by a homegrown playwright Nicholas Bernard. However, she says, Bollywood with its "...running around trees sequence is a no-no. Itīs all about acting for me. I donīt want Bollywood. Barring Abhishek Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan (my personal favourites) many of the heroes are half my height. I want to do what I want to do - trying different things and doing them well."

Besides acting and modelling, this Delhi-based Malayalee from Kottayam loves to read and cook. "I like to cook our food, specially the coastal cuisine."


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