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Jesse Randhawa Sudan
Name : Jesse Randhawa Sudan

Jesse Randhawa is one of the most popular Indian models on German ramp.

Excerpts from an interview :

Jesse Randhawa tells that films are a definite no -- she'd prefer to get into the health business and start a fitness centre Jesse Randhawa.

Wasn't she in Germany for the CPD shows just a week ago?
Yes, that's right. Jesse is quite regular at Dusseldorf -- she has been there seven times -- both for Collectione Premier Dusseldorf (which is the largest pret show of the fashion business) and IGEDO. And now the organisers of these shows have asked her to go to London this week for another fashion show. "I think it is some Asian show."

Wow, she really is Miss Jet-setter. That must make her the envy of all other ramp models, isn't it?
"No why should they be? Everyone has their own forte."

And what is it like working with other international models? "Actually they give me a complex, they are in such good shape."

Is this her way of saying that Indian models just aren't up to the mark?
"Well they are getting better.The problem here is that everyone is more interested in the face than the body. But to be a good ramp model you need more than just a pretty face. Models are hangers that have to show off clothes and so they need great bodies."

And how does Jesse maintain her great body?
"It's 90 per cent natural. But I do work out and stick to a strict diet. When I started my career, I stayed away from fried food and soft drinks for three years.

She sounds like a bit of a health freak. Is she?
"Yeah. I'd like to take a proper health and fitness course and perhaps become a personal trainer. At the moment, I am doing a lot of weights, but I have tried everything from swimming to aerobics. I just love to work out."

So, after modelling, she would like to get into the health business?

"Yes, who knows maybe I'll open my own health and fitness centre." But what do you know? Apart from being a fitness freak, Jesse is also a trained pilot and has taken martial art lessons as well.

For now, she must be very busy with the modelling.
Yes she's already booked for September. "I really enjoy doing ramp." And she is looking forward to both Tarun Tahiliani's and Shahab Durazi's shows that should happen later this year.

What about print work?
"I am not so keen on it. I think I am too Western looking for most print work." Though she has done a couple of ad-films, including one for Killer jeans. "I have never really taken the initiative and gone about doing the rounds of advertising agencies with my pictures."

But didn't she take part in a Miss India contest?
"Yes, in 1994, the year Sushmita Sen won. I was a finalist. I was living in Jaipur and moved to Delhi after I entered the contest."

But now she lives here, right?

"I moved here a few years ago. This really is the city for models. You mature better and learn how to groom yourself. Besides Mumbai is far more professional than any other city."

And has she made manyfriends in her new home-town?
"Well I am a bit of a loner. But yes, I have some friends. And my family has moved here too. My sister Saadhika is in the movie industry." She has done a few films here and in the South. Though Jesse says there is no rivalry between the two since she has no plans of moving over to the film business. "I don't like the film industry. Modelling is much milder, but it's still glamourous."

Any friends in the modelling world?

Yes, Nina Manuel is one of her dearest friends. "I am not too close to many others as I have had some not-so-nice experiences with a few of the girls."

But wasn't she married to a model?

Yes, she was married to Inder Sudan, the KS model. "I think we did not give each other enough time."

Does she think it's a bad idea to marry someone from the same industry?

"Actually I think it's perfect, because you understand each other."

And finally, is there someone in her life now?

"Yes." But that's all sheis saying for now. Guess we will have to wait and watch for more details.

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