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Name : Diana Hayden
Bust : 34"
Waist : 24"
Hips : 34"
Height : 5' 10"
Date of Birth : 1973
Titles won : Miss India Runner Up 1997, Miss World 1997

When, in 1994, Aishwarya Rai was crowned Miss World, one thought it was a feat unlikely to be repeated in a hurry. Today, India has another Miss World - Diana Hayden.

Ever since she took the first title of Miss Beautiful Smile at the countdown contest in the Femina Miss India contest '97, Diana had her sights set on the big time. Winning the Femina Miss India-World was the next step -- after a tie with Nafisa, who made it to Femina Miss India-Universe.

Diana's preparations for Miss World included getting on to a skin care regime, courtesy Dr Jamuna Pai, getting make-up and hair lessons from Bharat and Doris Godambe her winning smile courtesy the ministrations of Dr Sandesh Mayekar and getting into a fitness regime that worked on a formula by Mickey Mehta and Shamaik Davar.

Her presence in Seychelles was unmistakable -- clad in flowing, brightly patterned designer wear (courtesy Ritu Kumar and Hemant Trivedi). Her look was very Indian in its essence, following designer Ritu Kumar's advice. Little wonder she stood out as the epitome of classical Indian grace and beauty in the weeks that preceded the show, and won the attention of both press and the judges.

While most of the contestants confessed to going on an eating binge in Seychelles and not being particularly careful of their fitness regimen during the days of the contest, Diana was the only one who stuck to her no-sugar, no-milk diet of fruits and vegetables. "Small sacrifices one has to make, I guess,'' she smiled.

She ran her own celebrity management company in Mumbai. She has handled the careers of Anaida and Mehnaz, and reportedly, it was at the insistence of Anaida that she even considered competing for the Femina Miss India title.

She was born and brought up at Secunderabad and attended St. Ann High School there. Her family split up at a very young age, and her mother and brother moved to Bombay with her, while her Father remained at Hyderabad.

She loves I love playing chess, horse riding, partying, and driving people round the bend. She reads Stephen King, Robin Cook, Robert Ludlum... left Mills and Boons since she was 16. Her favourite book is The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum.

Diana is currently taking acting lessons at the New York School of Acting, and buzz is that her director boyfriend, Kaizad Gustaad (of Bombay Boys fame) is scouting for the proper script to launch this world-famous beauty. One hears that she is not too keen on the kind of all-out commercial roles her predecessors find themselves stuck with. But then how may directors make "meaningful" films these days?

Her favourite quote - Remember, if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space!

I would like to quote few interesting facts about Diana

* Diana is the highest earner in her Miss World year than all previous winners, (made more money than any other Miss World).

* Diana was signed on by huge cosmetics firm L`oreal to model there products. Money paid was thought to be in the million dollar region.

* The only Indian model ever to appear on International television modelling products (L`oreal ads were broadcasted in several countries such as London, Paris, Milan, New York etc.....).

* Diana is the only Miss World to have won a hat-trick at the event (Miss Photogenic, Miss Beach-wear/swimsuite competition, Miss World 1997).

* Still a very sought after and popular model on the International circuit..

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