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Name : Carol Maria Gracias
Height : 5' 9"
Waist : 23"
Date of Birth : 28 December
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn
Titles won : Femina Look of the Year 1998

Her husky-honey voice is a surprise coming from her gamine visage. A closer look reveals twinkling warm cognac eyes.

Carol was the star in superhit pop song "Oh Carol" by Stereo Nation. This is also one of my favourite songs.

The highlight of her young life has been winning the Look of the Year contest for which she was very focussed indeed and the fact that she didn't even place for the international contest held in Nice in September didn't faze her one bit.

"Look, I did my best. I prepared intensively, worked out, ate the right things, watched my diet strictly, was very motivated. Then I go to Nice and find the contest dominated by 14 and 15-year-olds who have been modeling for some time already and are even more frighteningly focussed than I was. The winner was a 15-year-old Rumanian girl who was perfect to look at and even thinner than me. My roommate was 14, an American girl, who knew exactly where she was going and what she wanted to do with her life. So…'' she laughs, eyes crinkling up, enjoying herself hugely inspite of everything.

Has being the sub-continental Look of the Year changed her life in any way? "Not as much as people tend to think," says the young lady drily. "For one thing, people aren't exactly falling over themselves to sign me up for television or print. I'm too dark, most of them feel. I talked to Noyonika (Chatterjee) about it and she said 'Talk about it to people, to everyone'.

" The family is small and close (one brother), her extended family is also very much around, college is high on her list of priorities and she knows modelling can't last forever. She's smart enough to say that if she had to choose between a high-profile fashion show and her final exams in March/April 1999, she'd pick the latter because she doesn't want to lose a year. First the degree, then possibly an MA and then, who knows, a PhD in child psychology. Because that is what she'd like to do, work with children, not in the Misses World way but permanently. She likes them, she likes the subject and while confessing to being a pretty average student, she has that extra edge now that winning a major looking-good contest gives young women nowadays. She could go anywhere, do anything, and she knows it.

She calls herself fun, predictable, crazy and naive! Loves children, her friends, food and music.


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