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Aishwarya Rai

Name :Aishwarya Rai
Height : 5' 7"
Eye Color : Black
Date of Birth :Nov. 1, 1973
Zodiac Sign :Scorpio
Titles won : Miss India 1994 Runner Up, Miss World 1994

Aishwarya Rai was born in Manglore (Karnataka). She is from Coorg. Coorg is famous for its beautiful people. She was younger of the two siblings, her brother being 3 yrs elder. When she was about 4 years old her family moved to Bombay permanently. Her father worked as a merchant navy officer.

Aishwarya did her schooling at Arya Vidya Mandir, Santacruz. Academically, she did very well and earned her position as the head girl of her school. Ash chose the science stream while at DG Ruparel College, her favorite subject being Zoology. She did her parents proud by securing 90% in PCB. Aishwarya wanted to do medicine, but circumstances didn't let her. Instead she chose Architecture and passed the interview at Raheja College with flying colors. By this time, Aishwarya had started getting modelling assignments. She then decided to take a break from architecture and concentrate on modelling. From that point there was no looking back. Ash became a household name with the pepsi ad campaign. She was crowned Miss Femina World and went on to win the Miss world title at Sun City in 1994. Ash had now joined the Bollywood film industry and working under many prestigious banners. Commended by her credibility in acting ( AND DANCING !), she is now considered as one of the hottest Indian actresses around.

Her Strength : A million dollar face combined with a strong personality, plenty of intelligence, and a great dancer.

Her Weakness : he is charging a hefty crore which isn't justified since she hasn't even established herself. Her interviews are boring and she is as tight lipped about her personal life as Madhuri Dixit. She needs to learn that media attention is important...

Excerpts from an interview :
She says, "I like structure jackets, form fitting gowns for formal wear and chikan salwaar kameez for casual wear. Jeans & T-Shirt do very well too. I hate anything that's fussy and frilly..."

Favourite hero-heroine - Raj Kapoor & Nargis

Favourite all-time movie - Casablanca

Food habits - Fussy about very plain fare. She says, "I am not fussy about food at all. I can survive on dal chawal and vegetables."

Do you diet - NO!!

What makes you happiest - My family and a very close group of friends.

What scares you the most - Roaches, I abhor them.

What do you absolutely hate - Gossip, hypocrisy.

Your dream man - Should be handsome but not necessarily tall and dark!

Your idea of love - Is what my parents share.

Your weakness - My willing-ness to take people at face value.

Your strength - My self-assurance. It's ever present even in the worst situations.

The most outrageous pass made at you - Nah, can't talk about it.

Your idea of bliss - Lies somewhere in the vicinity of my bed (I love to laze, that's all I mean!).

You're possessive about - The people I care for.

Favourite colognes - Happy by Clinique.

What turns up on - Razor sharp intelligence, witty repartees.

Do you have a fovourite pastime - Sleeping (Alone, mind you!).

Your idea of sexy - A combination of vulnerability and intelligence.

Music - What kind?

Favourite number-group - I am very democratic in my tastes, anything that's music to my ears, will do.

You're sentimental about - A lot of things from my childhood.

Do you try practical jokes - No, I don't! I am too polite for that.

Favourite holiday resort - Any place that gives me peace of mind.

You admire - Strength of character.

You believe in - In God first and then myself.

Best compliment you've received - A child at an orphange told me that my warmth over shines my beauty. I was bowled over!

Any pets - I can only think of one right now, me!

You're paranoid about - Being an under-achiever.

Any colours you're crazy about - Black, I love it!

You're booked in the industry till - I utter the magic words, 'I Do'.

The saddest moment in your life - When I didn't make it to the top three in my 10th grade.

Motto - Be kind, there are battles being fought and not all of them are on the battlefield.

MESSAGE TO FANS - Life may be one BIG Drama, and we, character in it..... But....LIVE IT.....Every moment in it .

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