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Achala Sachdev
Name : Achala Sachdev
Hair Color : Light Brown
Eye Color : Light Brown
Date of Birth : August 21
Zodiac Sign : Leo / Virgo Cusp

Achala Sachdev hails from Bandra in Mumbai, though she is actually a Punjabi. She is the youngest of three sisters and two brothers.

Achala is an instantly recognised face in today's glamour world and she is also a VJ on one of the popular TV channels. She started modelling when she was working with Mudra as model co-ordinator. Her first assignment fell into her lap while she was in a restaurant. A case of being at the right place at the right time. At one point of time, she joined Pan-Am as airhostess in USA travelling to distant and exotic places but finally decided to come back to home.

Achala also did a small-blink-and-you-miss-me role in Mira Nair's Kama Sutra. She also worked in the serial "Bible".

When Achala was in school, she never took part in extra-curricular activities as she was very shy. Things changed when she was in B. Com.

She was the girl who did the first ever Sheetal ad campaign.

Achala Sachdev was noticed when she did modelled for YSL. After that she tried her luck in London, Paris and New York. Though she did few shows but she didn't become successful as she was rejected on the basis of her not being very tall and being older than others. (Their they start at the age of 15)

Now modelling is taking a backseat and she is more concentrating on choreography. She was the trainer behind such models as Sampada Inamdar, Farheen Khan and Tora Khasgir.

One of her big misses, was the famed Chhaiya Chhaiya song from Dil Se that she was supposed to do. With no dates of hers free, she lost it to Malaika who made the song a superhit. However, Achla made a guest appearance in one of songs for the movie, Dil Kya Kare. The song was Meinu lagan lagi.

More recently, roles have reversed and Achla has found herself walking into films that others have walked out of! Like the film, Na Tum Jano Na Hum that Lisa Ray had discarded. For Achla , how she gets the role is irrelevant, she just wants to be a good actress, and to be as professional as Emma Thompson and Cathy Bates. Any role is okay with her, as long as it's not vulgar. Achla also does not want to be type cast. In Na Tum Jano Na Hum, Achla has a cameo role of a fashion stylist/ choreographer who wants to be an actress. The Hrithik Roshan-Isha Deol starrer is sure to be a success and one hopes that it will launch her career in films.

As of now, Achala hosts three television shows, Stars Day Out and Disco Mein Khisco on Music Asia, and a film soundtrack show called OST on Zee English. Her hands are quite full. She's doing what she likes best and is enjoying it. And if you think she's doing too many things and the same time and dabbling in more fields than she can handle, here's her motto her own words: You don't live too long. So why not try and make the most of your life and experience everything there is to experience?

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