Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

A wedding in India is a theatrical, cultural extravaganza - its grandeur in direct proportion to the host's financial resources. It is almost always an awe-inspiring exercise in manpower, material management and creativity. Food and dining arrangements, however, remain the most essential ingredients in the entire function, In fact, food is the most important factor that can mar or mark the success of a wedding party. Is it any wonder then that so much thought goes into deciding the menu, the buffet spread, and service?

A well planned and coordinated effort at organising the wedding arrangements well in advance, will ensure better, and more satisfying results. As the big day approaches you might be swamped with small details that need immediate attention. Hence, it is imperative that all major issues have been dealt with and set into motion already. A good tip-try not to miss any wedding invitation that you may receive in the months preceding your wedding function. Attending other functions will help in clearing a lot of doubts you might have about the logistics involved in conducting weddings. You will get fresh ideas on decor, venues, menus, caterers plus a first-hand experience of the efficacy of professional agencies involved in providing such services. Talk to people who have organised similar functions in their families recently. Consult people who have managed such functions, for, their advice can be depended upon. However, taking too many opinions could also be confusing.Remember that finally, your individual preference will determine how you wish to build your theme wedding party. The suggestions made by others should only help you fine-tune your ideas.

You will be in a position to bargain for a very good price if you book your catering agency well in advance. This way you will avoid having to pay higher rates when the agency is swamped with wedding dates. Catering agencies normally offer lower rates when the wedding season has just started but begin to raise their rates as booking begin to pour in. Besides, by planning ahead and making early bookings, you will give yourself ample time for alterations and amendments in your menu plans, should the need arise.

This group of individuals will be your think-tank and the executive arm of your action plan. It may comprise of your immediate family members and close friends. It is a good idea to assign specific responsibilities to individuals so that a particular responsibility is overseen by the person in charge. It also makes work that much easier for the catering agency hired by you, as there is better coordination.

It is most convenient to select the dinner venue close where the marriage ceremony will be held. This is the starting point around which you can begin to weave your wedding plans. A few considerations would include the decor and ambience, seating capacity to accommodate the number of guests you have in mind, easy access to the site, car parking facility, a covered area in case of weather complications etc. The choice of venues vary from hotel banquet halls, which form the higher end of the market, to fashionable clb lawns and well-landscaped farmhouses. Community parks and private banquet halls, which are at the lower end of the market, are equally popular. Depending upon your preference and budget, you can select the venue. While most venues that conduct weddings and other functions have an in house catering system, some may give you an option between catering agencies that are on their panel or between employing one of your own choice.

Scout the market thoroughly. You can definitely be choosy. It helps tremendously if you are clear about your preferences as the caterer will find it that much easier to meet your expectations. Ensure that you are getting your money's worth of service. While selecting a caterer for the food to be served at the wedding, you will be faced with options that range from hotels of varying stardom(that cater to functions within and outside their premises), private outdoor caterers who can conjure up any cuisine for you anywhere, to your good old neighborhood 'halwai' and 'maharaj' who can prepare traditional, specialised, lip-smacking fare at a quick notice.

Usually, weddings involve multiple functions and/or venues. It helps if the two families involved coordinate their respective arrangements so as to avoid repetitions in theme, decor and yes! food. It would not be very appealing were the guests to have dal makhni and butter-chicken three times in two days. Theme functions are very fashionable these days. They may range from a wild Mexican evening to an Oriental soiree! Such thematic weddings are more memorable, classy and definitely hip, though they are hardly low-cost affairs. But if you have the resources they are a must-do.


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