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Seduction Tips

Do you want to make love in an interesting, exciting and adventurous way? Has love making become boring and less passionate? Does your husband complain of headache or being too tired if you want sex? Well here are a few seduction tips that will ignite the fire in him and make him beg you for sex for the rest of his life.

Seduce him on the phone
First and foremost give him a hint. Don't wait until nightfall to get things going. Arouse your husband's interest with a seductive call to his office in late afternoon. You should sound approachable and amenable to his desires and use your best voice keeping it low and gentle. Try the following questions like - would you like to make love tonight - how about having some fun tonight or just be mysterious - I can smell you all over me - I love the way you move your hands on my body. Whatever you say it should sound exciting and titillating.

Dress up for the occasion
Dressing up in your best sexiest nightgown will be enough to make your husbands desires go wild. Buy items that will turn your husband on without making you feel silly. For that purpose the best way is to keep a magazine or catalogue of sexy wear around and see which dress interests your husband. Or else the best thing to wear for your special night is satin gown. It highlights curves of your body in a very sexy manner, flows elegantly and beautifully, is soft and smooth and catches the light. This will never fail and is a real turn-on for men.

Cooking food for the occasion
For this occasion the food that you choose will be very significant for the following excitement that will take place subsequently. The food shouldn't be heavy and you must not stuff him with it. Thus the idea is to have a light and nourishing meal so that your hubby has more energy left for the bedroom. That means you should skip meats and heavy sauces, go easy on cheese and dessert, and load up instead on leafy vegetables, fruits, and spices. Green vegetables, fruits, and spices all contain essential oils and vitamins that stimulate hormone production and increase blood circulation thereby igniting passion and desire.

Lighting effects
Proper lighting in your bedroom also plays an important part in passionate and interesting lovemaking. Don't use too bright lights. What you want is an amber tint, like you get at sunset. For that use 60-watt amber bulbs in your bedside lamps which will give you that radiance and effect. If you want to use white light then make sure that they are low-wattage ones (not more than 30 watt). Spread only white bed sheets so that the light reflects off your bed giving it a very exciting and sexy effect.

Use perfume
For enhancing the mood even further wear the best perfume for the perfect mood. Pick a perfume that reflects the image you want to project that night. If your husband has any favourite one, use that.

Give him your best touch
If you believe in massage therapy then this is the best time to use it. Massaging your husband will not only excite him and turn him on but is very relieving and possesses healing and therapeutic qualities. Have your husband take a hot shower beforehand and warm your oils in the microwave. Create a perfect background by turning on soft lights and light romantic music. Do not forget to unplug the phone. Now you can start with the magic touch. Make him lie down on his stomach. You can either keel beside him or straddle him across his lower back. What is important is linger over his body and maintain contact with his skin. Take oil and start massaging from below his head giving him straight, circular and tender strokes. Add pressure as per his recommendations. When you reach his waist, drag your hands across his body until they hit the bed, and then trail them up along his sides. At his underarms, turn your fingers in and repeat the stroke. Or, for variety, trace his spine with your thumbs, curving around each vertebra as you progress.

Play seducing music
For creating the perfect atmosphere play any music that will ignite passion, love and romance in you and your husband.

The grand finale
Have you ever considered stripping before your husband? If no then try it. He will simply love it. For this purpose wear something that will come off easily. I recommend you wear your husband's shirt. Make up should be minimal and soft. You must be clean and touchable.
Start the show by making him sit at a distance. Don't let him touch you - at least at first. Keeping a flirtatious distance, start your belly dance or whatever you are good at - shake your hips, thrust your pelvis etc, as you start removing your clothes. Go very slow when it comes to undressing. Slowly lift your shirt or dress, and then let it drop. Undo a button. And another. Feel daring and adventurous. You can fling the dress and keep dancing in your bra and panties. Thus creating the ultimate mood.

Following are a few sexy turn on's:

  Go about in the house semi naked eg., wear a shirt or an apron without bra….this    is a great turn on for men.
  Whisper sweet nothings in his ear and tell him that you want to make love to him.
While foreplay look him into the eye and tell him how much you love him.
  Give him a full body massage and kiss him all over.
  Pin him down on the floor and start removing his clothes one by one in a very    seductive way.
  Brush your breast all over his body…it will drive him crazy.
  Kiss him gently, move your hand down his spine and pinch his buttocks. Press    yourself to him.

Marriage and Beyond >> Your sexlife

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