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The Kamasutra offers all manner of challenging positions. Vatsyayana has given the art of love making a dual responsibility and given both the sexes equal level of satisfaction. There are positions in the Kamasutra where woman-power is given lot of importance. Vatsyayana has given woman so much supremacy that she usurps the man's traditional leading role in love making and brings him under her control. Explore the following positions and find out for yourself.

The Kshudgaga Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:

"She sits with raised thighs,
her feet placed either side of your waist;
"linga" (penis) enters "yoni" (vagina);
you rain hard blows upon her body:
This is "Kshudgaga".

Thus in this position the woman sits astride the man with her feet positioned on either side of his waist and the man enters her with hard blows. This position gives very limited scope of penetration and enjoyment and can be adopted only initially to heighten the mood and passion.

The Padma Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:

"If, sitting facing her,
you grasp her ankles and fasten them like a chain
behind your neck, and she
grips her toes as you make love,
it is the delightful "Padma" (The Lotus)."

In this position the woman has to sit on the man's lap facing him and the man lifts the woman's ankles which he positions behind his neck. He then proceeds to enter her while she grabs hold of her feet and helps the thrusting motion. This is no doubt a position which needs lot of practice, skills and flexibility. In this position stimulation of the man's lingam and the woman's yoni is at its peak and besides the man can make good use his hands and explore the woman's body.

The Kaurma Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:

"If, seated face to face,
your toes caress the lovely woman's nipples,
her feet press your chest
and you make love holding each other's hands
It is "Kaurma", the Tortoise."

This is an extremely intimate and sensuous position in which touching and eye-contact is very important. The partners face each other in a seated position with their feet on each other's chest and the man's lingam firmly inside the woman's yoni. The man uses his toes to caress the woman's breast while the partners hold their hands firmly giving the much required rhythm and control in the penetration. This position also requires lot of practice and skill.

The Dolita Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:

"Sitting face to face in bed,
her breasts pressed tight against your chest,
let each of you lock heels
behind the other's waist,
and lean back clasping one another's wrists.

Now, set the swing gently in motion,
your beloved, in pretended fear,
clinging to your body with her flawless limbs,
cooing and moaning with pleasure:
this is "Dolita" (The Swing)."

This position is basically about togetherness and being physically intimate. The penetration and thrusts here is almost negligent because of the peculiarity of the position. In this position the partners sit face to face in bed, with the woman's breasts pressing tight against the man's chest, their heels locked behind each other's waist. In this position the man and the woman lean back clasping each other wrists and then swing gently with the man's lingam ensconced inside the woman's yoni.

The Samdamsha Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:

"Grip your lover's penis with your yoni's vice,
squeezing and stroking it,
and holding it inside for a hundred heart-beats
This is "Samdamsha".

This is a position where Vatsyanana gives absolute power and control to the woman. The man in this position literally has to sit back and enjoy while the woman has to do all the hard work. In this position the woman enjoys all the supremacy and can control the thrusts and penetration. Thus in this position the woman has to sit on the man's lap and she holds the man's penis in a vice-like grip and skillfully manipulates its movement inside her till and controls the thrusts and penetration.

One more position is when the man sits on the chair while the woman sits on one of his thighs and guides his penis inside her. With the woman in control, this position offers maximum pleasure to her. The man can maneuver things in such a way that ensures maximum stimulation for his partner's yoni and can also stimulate her clitoris and explore her body with his free hands. One disadvantage of this position is that penetration can never be very deep and satisfactory.

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