Orgasm for women is totally unpredictable and rather a lucky shot in the dark. Though women don’t go in for sex just for orgasm yet it feels very satisfying to have one. Therefore, for all the guys out there, this article is going to be very informative coz we are bringing for you five sexual positions which will guarantee an orgasm for your woman. Try the following positions and ensure that she receives some great orgasmic pleasure.

Position One
Some women love being on top when it comes to sex. This is typically the best position for a woman to reach orgasm because while on top women can control the angle and speed of penetration. When on top she rests her hands on the bed behind you, or leans forward with her hands above your head. These more extreme angles heighten clitoral stimulation and also help deep penetration thereby hitting her g-spot. The best thing about having your woman on top is that you get to watch her enjoy and pleasure herself with your body as she reaches immeasurable orgasmic heights while your hands are free to rub, hold, scratch, and maneuver her taut body.

Position Two
For most of the women missionary position is till the best position. Women love to be held tight and it’s not always the rubbing, pinching and kissing that they want. They enjoy a “body love” which involves eye contact, body massaging, and silent communication. To get the best out of this position put a plump pillow or two under her lower back to tilt the pelvis so that her clitoris rubs against your body during penetration. If she is flexible and loves experimenting, forget the pillow and make her wrap her legs around his waist or neck. She can also put her feet on your shoulders. Or pull up her knees and place her feet flat against your chest. This position hits the g-spot accurately helping your woman to reach orgasm while it also simulates you.

Position Three
This is a standing position which is immensely enjoyed by women because in this position orgasm is virtually guaranteed for her. In this position make your woman sit up on a countertop, tabletop, washing machine, sink -- any surface that'll have her at the perfect thrust position. Standing in front of her while she's spread eagle (legs open), plunge yourself inside. Because you're going deep within her, it's sure to cause you to reach climax somewhat quickly. As well, you'll be tapping her G-spot at a constant pace and you may even get her to orgasm. Also, since you're out of the bedroom, it adds an element of intrigue, adventure and excitement for both of you.

Position Four
Not many try this fourth position but those who have done it agree that this position makes a woman reach the pinnacle of orgasmic pleasure. While she's lying down on her side with her back facing you, you can let yourself inside her from behind. The best thing about this position is that your hands are free and you can caress her, stoke her and stimulate her. Another method is she can turn her body so that her legs go over yours (her feet are in front of your butt) and she can look at you while you penetrate her.

Position Five
This is a slight uncomfortable position but with little practice you can master it. In this position women can achieve great sexual pleasure since the clitoris gets the ultimate stimulation. Sit in the center of the bed facing each other. Let her wrap her legs around you and make her sit on your legs. Then place your right hands at the back of each other's neck, your left hands on each other's tailbone. Place your penis inside her so that it exerts as much indirect pressure as possible on her clitoris (remember in this position the main concentration will be stimulating the clitoris in order to make her reach orgasm). Stimulate each other's hot spots by rocking gently in rhythm so that penetration is deep and the g-spot and clitoris is properly stimulated. You can enhance the sexual intimacy and satisfaction of this position by making your woman sit on one or more pillows so that her G-spot and clitoris can receive maximum stimulation.

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