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Sexual problems

  Painful Intercourse (Men)

What can cause painful intercourse in men?

Discomfort during intercourse for men can be attributed to a number of causes. One cause could be a result of snugly fitting foreskin. Occasionally during a man's first attempt at intercourse, tight foreskin will cause retraction to be painful. After a while, the foreskin loosens, and intercourse is more comfortable. Secondly, any lesion on the skin of the penis can make intercourse painful. These lesions may be due to unlubricated masturbation, rapid intercourse or STDs. The blisters caused by herpes can also make intercourse extremely painful. Finally, conditions like Peyronie's disease which cause a bending of the penis may also make intercourse painful. If you can not determine why intercourse is painful then please consult your physician.

Marriage and Beyond >> Sexual Problems

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