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Women's Inability to Achieve Orgasm

Why do some women have difficulty in achieving orgasm?

The scientific community does not understand how the mechanisms in the brain act to allow an orgasm to take place. Consequently, there is little scientific data available to describe why some women cannot achieve an orgasm.


What can I do to better my chances?

Know yourself
Being comfortable with your body is the first step to becoming orgasmic. You may want to try masturbating if you’ve never done it before.

Make sure that you are in the mood
You should feel relaxed and comfortable so that you can fully appreciate sexual intimacy with yourself or your partner. If you find that you are angry at your partner, it may not be the best time to engage in sexual intimacy.

Communicate with your partner
Tell him/her what you find sexually stimulating. Many women can not achieve orgasm from intercourse. This is not a sexual dysfunction, it just means that your partner has to explore what you find most pleasurable. Constant clitoral stimulation is required by many women to achieve orgasm, so be sure to tell your partner to continue stimulation if need be.

Be adventurous
Oral sex or manual stimulation of the clitoris may be too infrequent for some women to achieve orgasm so an alternative method of stimulation is advised. Vibrators are a good way to massage the clitoris during intercourse.

Be positive
Some women go through a stage of arousal where they are not becoming further excited. Many feel that this is where their arousal will end and that they will not be able to achieve an orgasm. Once a woman believes that she is not going to be able to have an orgasm, that is often exactly what happens.

Touch yourself

It is okay for you to touch yourself during sexual intimacy with a partner. Self stimulation is encouraged, and often accentuates the feeling of intercourse.

Marriage and Beyond >> Sexual Problems

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