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Make Love

Have you ever thought of making love on the beach or on your bathroom floor? Well if yes and if you are interested to try out new places to make love then read the following list.

  Make love in the theatre while watching a movie.
  In the backyard under the stars
On the terrace by playing a light romantic music
In the garage
In the car parked right outside your house if you are still dating
On a train in the middle of the night
On a big bed with silk and satin sheets
In the kitchen on the dining table
In your boss's chamber when he is not around
On the beach at night
In the rain
On the grass after it has just rained
On a bed of rose petals or your favourite flower
In the open field at night
On your parents bed
In the toilet
Under a waterfall
In the forest on a tree
In the water
Under the shower
In a lift
In a sauna
On top of a hill

Marriage and Beyond >> Your sexlife

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