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Parsi Weddings

The Parsi Marriage Act of 1939 governs the Parsis of India in regard to the solemnization of the weddings and the dissolution thereof. For a valid marriage a Parsi should have completed 21 years of age. If a party to the marriage is under that age, the consent of the guardian should be obtained. The plaintiff should not be within the prohibited relationships specified in the Act. The marriage is solemnized according to a ceremony called "Ashirvad" by a priest. The presence of two other witnesses is also necessary.

A Parsi marriage is monogamous. The officiating priest certifies the marriage and the marriage certificate is also signed by the parties (or guardians) to the marriage and the witnesses. It is sent by the priest, with a fee of Rs 2/- paid by the husband, to the Registrar of Marriages. The Registrar enters the certificate in a register kept for the purpose and the register is accepted as proof of the statements made therein.

Marriage and Beyond >> Wedding Legalities

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