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Oral Sex Techniques

The Oral Ecstasy One of the exciting forms of foreplay is giving and receiving oral sex. If your husband loves to receive oral sex then you should pamper him with the most pleasurable experience he can ever have. There are a few techniques that you should be aware of in order to master this art of oral ecstasy.

Hot and Cold Pleasure
Any hot drink that you prefer, tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc. Any ice chilled drink or ice cubes.
Method:Undress your partner and tell him to lie down wherever you would like him to, bed, sofa, chair, kitchen table etc. Then blindfold him and give him soft kisses all over the body starting from forehead going down. When you reach his pleasure point just play with it for some time and then secretly reach out for your hidden cup of warm drink and take a sip. Then proceed to pleasure him with your mouth giving him that warm touch. This will blow his mind and he will go crazy wanting for more. At this point withdraw and take a sip of the cold drink and go down on him again. Keep switching between hot and cold until he can take it.

The 69 Position
Be ready to take your husband by surprise. Show up naked before him and then start undressing him. Before you begin the real pleasure ride tell him that he should not touch you. If he touches you will stop. After undressing him make him lie down on the bed and get in the 69 position with you on top of him and your lower body above his head. Then proceed to pleasure him, and at the same time behave as if you are enjoying the pleasure he is giving you very much. by rotating your torso, moaning, pretending to move your body as if having sex with him, etc.

Take Him By Surprise
Take your man by surprise by giving him pleasure at the most unexpected times and places. Below are a few suggestions!

  • While he is sleeping.
  • Bath is the best time.
  • While he is watching TV.
  • Under the desk while he is working. Just go down pretending to find something and just give him your best. Something he will never forget.
  • While he is on the phone.
  • In the car while he is driving. This can be dangerous at times. So take care.

Marriage and Beyond >> Your sexlife

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