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The G-spot

What is a G-Spot?
The "G" spot, so named after Dr. Ernest Grafenberg who wrote in 1950 an article about his discovery of this area of the female body, is a bean shaped mass of nerve tissue behind the clitoris located just the other side of the pubic bone on the upper wall of the vagina. The size and development of the urethral sponge can vary from woman to woman and can be anywhere from the size of a dime to a silver dollar, hence no two women will respond to G-spot stimulation in exactly the same way. G-spot once stimulated gives a woman immense pleasure and is a focal point of sexual arousal.

How to locate G-spot?
To locate G-spot either you can do it yourself or take the help of your partner. Locating G-spot together is not only fun by it will help you reach the peak of sexual satisfaction. You must be able to guide your partner and should be open as to what feels good and how your partner should stimulate your G-spot.

So, start out by kissing and stroking, caressing and teasing each other until you two can't stand it any more and penetration is necessary. Vaginal stimulation may be unpleasant if the vagina is not well lubricated. Production of vaginal lubrication varies dramatically from female to female. Hence if vaginal dryness is a concern, make sure to use a water-based lubricant during your exploration.

The exact location of the G-Spot varies slightly from woman to woman. It is normally found about two inches in from the opening of the vagina, on the anterior wall (toward the stomach). Place two fingers into her vagina. Using your index finger, touch the anterior wall. It generally feels best if you keep consistent, firm pressure along the entire length of the fingers against the vaginal walls. Stop rotating and rest your fingertips on the (often slightly ridged) area of the vagina just behind the pubic bone and exert pressure upwards, towards her belly. This is direct G-spot stimulation, and it usually feels best if you move the fingers in small, slow circles, or point the fingers more sharply upwards and rock them forwards and back.

Positions that help locate and stimulate G-spot?

The G-Spot is easily located with the help of a partner while the women is lying on her belly with her hips slightly elevated. When in this position, one's partner should apply light pressure to the vaginal wall with two or three fingertips while pressing down (towards the bed).

If a woman chooses to lie on her back, she or her partner can insert a couple of fingers curved upwards and then press upward with the tip of the fingers until you are pressing the G-Spot.

If engaging in intercourse, many women find the woman-on-top or the sitting position the best arrangement for providing stimulation to the G-Spot.

Marriage and Beyond >> Your sexlife

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