Know your inlaws

With marriage comes many responsibilities…..some responsibilities you might not like very much but believe me life without it will be totally lonely and boring because your husband can not be around you all the time and you definitely can do with some company and help. Yes, I am taking about your in-laws. Don't look at your in-laws as pain in the neck. Learn to appreciate their presence in your life and consider yourself lucky to have them around. Take time out if you are a workingwoman to know more about your in-laws, as they are an inseparable part of your life. This time go on a vacation with your in-laws. Sounds creepy but believe me you will like it.

1) Take the opportunity to know them better
Take the chance during this vacation to get to know them and to find out as much you can about their likes and dislikes. Make it into a challenge to guess their eating habits, their favourite colours etc., This way you will be more closer to them and you might even start to like them more.

2) Play games together to build rapport
It may not be easy to do so, especially if you are vacationing with your mother-in-law or father-in-law or other elderly parents. However, if they are simple card games which they can play it can be entertaining and fun for the whole family. Be careful not to turn it into too much of a "I-must-win" situation. Take it as a game and lose once in a while if you must to get into their good books.

3) Remember not to neglect your spouse
Don't forget that you are still on vacation with your spouse even though your entire family is vacationing. Try to make time for him by taking him on slow walks after dinner (just the two of you, of course). Or wake up extra early in the morning before everyone else does and take him out for a walk or a swim at the hotel's swimming pool. Do remember to make love to him, physically and emotionally. Take candlelight dinner in the hotel room if possible. It's not easy to go on a holiday with an entire family, especially if the family happens to be your in-laws. However, once you are used to it, it will become easily another fun filled vacation.


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