Honeymoon: A Beautiful Xperience

Honeymoon is a very special moment in every married couple's life which is cherished for ever. Thus this moment has to be made very special and romantic. Following are some practical guidelines that will help you live up this special moment of your life to its full romantic potential.

1) Choose the Right Place: First and foremost you have to decide where both of you will like to go. You should choose a place which offers the perfect balance of privacy and amenities. Don't forget that this is also a place where you will get to know one another as husband and wife. Thus the place where you go should be interesting, should give you lots of privacy and comfort and also should be very romantic and out of the ordinary.

2) Don't Hurry: Make sure that you leave to your honeymoon destination absolutely fresh and full of life. Thus don't start off immediately after the wedding or reception but take rest for a day or two after the tiring wedding rituals.

3) Stay Healthy: Do what you can to stay healthy and accident-free. Sun block lotions and cover-ups can help protect you from sunburn and ensure that your outdoor and indoor activities don't interfere with each other.

4) Be Romantic: Another important aspect of the honeymoon is keeping the romance alive and not hurting each other with rude words. Thus at all times, whatever be the situation use words like "I love you," and "I'll love you forever." Don't hurt your partner by being angry, rude and spoiling the mood. Honeymoon is the time when you should focus on each other and make the best of the time together.

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