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Sindhi Marriage Ceremony

Pre Marriage Ceremony
"Kuchcha Shagun" is solemnised by the parents of the bride and bridegroom where the couple get to see each other and rings are exchanged. Thus after this ceremony the couple is engaged. The parents of the bridegroom give gifts and presents in the form of clothes, money and jewellery to the bride and vice versa. Mehendi ceremony, which is performed 3-4 days earlier to the marriage, is celebrated amidst songs and fan fare. An interesting ritual is "Sath" where the bride & the groom a day before the wedding have to break the cover of a small earthen pot in one shot with the shoes they have been wearing since morning. The same shoes then has to be worn on the wedding day.

Marriage Ceremony
The marriage begins with the "thread ceremony" of the bridegroom if he has not done it before. The bride and groom are seated next to each other and then the bride's mother washes the feet of the couple placed in a plate while the pundit chants mantras. The couple then takes the phera's round the holy fire. Here there is an option of phera's. the couple can take either three, four or seven phera's. The marriage comes to an end after parents and elders bless the couple.

Post Marriage Ceremony
After the marriage, the bride opens the lock of the groom's house, establishing her entry in to the new house. She sprinkles milk all over the house and puts salt in the hands of her in-laws who return it to her in the belief and hope that she will mingle freely with her new family. The bride is then lavished with gifts, cash, clothes and gold.

Marriage and Beyond >> Traditional Marriage Ceremonies >> Hindu

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